Sunday, December 04, 2005

'ad nauseum' and 'forever'

Woke up coughing and choking

Ingested; 2 Advils, 1 of the 'things' that the Dr. gave me, 1 of the 'other things' that the Dr. gave me, 100 mg of Vitamin C and half a liter of water (for good measure.)

Reflexology class was not up to par. Aside from the fact that we learned 'the heart' (on a level more basic than 101) I could not sit still and spent most of class coughing. Then we had a 40 minute 'break' followed by the fact that the teacher decided that today was 'catch up day' for the 'new students' - so on the day that I really really needed my immune system to be boosted and my respiratory system to be strenghtened - I didn't even get worked on! I had to work on a 'newbie' but I got nothing in return!!! (B'derech Klal, I do NOT expect to get things in 'return' - but in this class, that is how it is supposed to work. Not to mention the fact that I have forfeited my 'turn' to be worked on - on numerous occasions.)

Work was the usual. Filed (almost) all of the newspapers, Letters and the usual and entertained Feige. (Though, sadly enough - I was in the back faxing something when the UPS guy came, so I didn't get to 'liven-up' his day. Maybe tomorrow...?) Oh yeah, I think I found the 'badge holders' for the seminar, that I have spent three days searching for. I hope they're the right thing. I'll ask tomorrow.

Walked back to the apartment and almost passed out half-way.

Heated up another amazing chicken soup and ate it all. (Yes, straight out of the pot.)

Shosh practiced massage on me. It was nice, but I was really too sore to relax. (Don't worry, I enjoyed it anyway!!)

Mommy gave me the recipie fo 'Onion Soup Deluxe' and hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday morning I will have been able to 'round up' the required ingredients. That is going to be one yummy dinner. I'm even going to get a baguette. I'm so excited. I wish I could eat cheese! WAH!

Alas, if my lot in life at the moment is not to be able to enjoy 'dairy products' - may that be my biggest nisayon.

I have 'Little Women' and 'Gone With the Wind' on DVD in my apartment. Mommy got them when she was in Merry Cah. I MUST find time to watch them. I am so excited!

For now though, I must go to sleep.

I am still 'getting-better' - (meaning, I can sit still for three mintes without coughing/barking so loudly that I scare the people in the next office and can compete with the jack-hammer two floors down where they are doing construction.)

More tomorrow as usual.

Same time - more of less... (ok, maybe not. What's a schedule?)

Same place - I don't think I'll change the URL before then...

yeah, more tomorrow - as usual...


Hinda said...

Hehe. You said barking...that's like a dog. Haha. Wow. Sorry. Tired.

CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These word verification things can be pretty difficult...uwmhcmnp

Sassy Madricha said...

Lori, you gotta learn to take care of yourself! And since when do you pop pills? I thought that's my job. It sounds like I need to come over tonite just to take care of you, my dearest darling! Although I think I'm preferring hibernation because I just learned in my vaccines class just how virulent influneze and rhinoviruses (colds) are...