Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I Want a Hum-did-a-fire!!!

Ok, it is official. I am sick of being sick. Today I managed to cough myself into such a frenzy that I wound up with a (CAUTION: IT IS ABOUT TO GET GORY) bloody nose. (Actually, I have had four since then and more are sure to come.) In addition, I managed to get blood on the sleeve of my sweater - which is a pain, because I happen to REALLY like the sweater (I only stole it from Sammy recently.)

I spent the morning 'cooking up a storm' in preparation for tonight - as I waited for the onions to carmelize I concoted an apple crumble in my 'hand-me'down' pie dish. It just so happens that both the soup and crumble came out superbly (the soup due to Sammy's expert seasoning abilities and the crumble due to Mommy's self-less donation of a 'pastry-cutter' to the cause.)

I bussed to and from work for the second day in a row, plenty happened but nothing worth mentioning except for one outstanding acheivement and one adventure;

Acheivement of the day - I went down to the post office by myself for the very first time with close to 40 envelopes and I managed to take care of everything, without incident or loss of life.

Adventure - allow me to keep it short. I 'made friends' with yet another one of the guys at the bagel store. Somehow, I came away with a 5bagels for 10shekel deal. So, I got breakfast for tomorrow. Why not?

Sammy came over and is sleeping over. We ate fishies in our onion soup (we pretended that the onions were shreiking eels - or at least I did.) We watched 'Little Women' - which I felt was superbly well-done. I also felt that it was quite apropos, seeing as we are sisters and well - it is interesting how each of the characters in the movie/book really represents all of us, but truthfully - in each of us a different trait is more dominant.

On the walk from the bus-stop to the apartment I found 50 shekel lying on the ground. Being that we 'learned all about hashavat aveidah' last year, I have done a full run through of my notes and have come to the conclusion that I can keep it. So, I am 50 shekel richer and I know it came straight from The Big Guy Upstairs.

What else?

Oh yeah, now I'm going to get nasty and cynical - because due to a 'heated discussion' that I just had. You know what - never mind. I need to sleep. In the morning I will regret writing what I so desperately want to and so - in the ttempt to forestall or avoid more unpleasantness than must already be suffered through I shall bid you adieu.



debsy said...

U do know how to make us all curious don't u!!!
Glad to here ur being lookied after - i'm sure the money will come in useful!
I want soup!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chavs said...

Like Deborah said...I'm curious, but its ok! I would rather be curious about something I probably shouldnt know about, rather than you get yourself into any trouble.
Sounds like overal you had a pretty good day, other than being sick! Its icky...but iy"H, it will pass soon enough! Refuah Shelama!

Miryam said...

I'm very proud of you for conquering your fear of the post office and mailing letters all by yourself! Yay! (On second thought, maybe we should wait to see if everything gets to where it's supposed to go. Just kidding! I'm sure you did fine!)

I'm proud of you for not typing the cynical comment you wanted to at the end. Keep this blog positive beginning, to end.

Feel better!!

Hinda said...

Made a friend at the bagel shop, huh? Good to see that you're making connections with people in high places! You go, girl!


Sassy Madricha said...

50 shek, dude I wanna find money! I haven't eaten in sooo long. I wish I had $$ to buy some. Although with my new lab hours (once I find a lab) I mite have the prof pay for my tuition and then I'll be able to keep the pennies I make as a madricha.

Why'd you make sucha fancy supper without inviting me??

da'kender said...

Everything was great last night1 thank you sooooo much sister dear. I hope the nasty comment wasnt going to be about how I fell asleep while you were talking to me, yikes! that was funny. not AS funny as the stupid thing I did today, but... so youre telling me... :)