Thursday, December 08, 2005

Is an Alligator Greener or Longer?

Anatomy this morning. Apple pie for breakfast. Still coughing up a storm. Huge bag (the 75 liter one) to take Home my stuff and Sammy's...

Made the bus, got Home. Saw the gardener. Ate lunch. Bummed around.

Everyone got Home - contemplated starting the purple ball-gown skirt project.

Mac and Cheese + Potato soup = yummy dinner.

Listened to Sammy practice piano and played with my new I-talk (I-pod recorder thingy.)

Went upstairs to clean up the room. Sammy left for her piano lesson so I cleaned a bit, moved around the furniture a little and spent a lot of time jumping up and down on the scale.

Finally decided what to wear to the wedding next week. It has been decided that I will wear Sammy's white shirt, the pinky/bluey/purpley shimmery wrap skirt that I made and maybe even Sammy's HUGE platform heel shoes. (We'll see about the shoes.)

The room looks a little better though I really need to clean off the shelves. Aside from needing a dusting badly, they need to be re-organized. The whole shelf above the window is 'wasted space' - we have nothing there and too much else everywhere else. We should do something about that.

Room cleaning. Profound, no?

ok, not really...

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debsy said...

glad u decided what to wear (does it fit in the suitcase?)!
tidy room.....hmmm..was supposed to do that today too!! but oh well, another time maybe!