Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Kumquats. Where Did All of the Potato Chips Go???

So this morning dawned bright and COLD.


Why do we pay an inordinate amount of money for heating if they only turn it on in the building for two hours every NIGHT? Anybody? Any ideas?

Anywho - There was NOT hot water (and the dud didn't work.) I was going to pin and cut the material for my purple skirt but realized that both the "pattern pieces" and the fabric were both creased a ridiculous amount - so I abandoned the project.

It was so cold in my apartment that I left for work almost an hour early. I figured that since it was so early I would walk to the office (and try to stamp feeling back into my toes on the way.)

In the office I was given THREE major projects, a sufganyah, a good 'talking to' and a paper-cut.

I didn't leave early (cause there was TOOOOO much to do.) However, I did manage to finish the Media Info project (or at least, as much of it as I could without the Head Boss there.)

I thought that my night would end here. I would go back to the apartment, light my menorah, eat dinner and relax... Instead, I got back and met Sassy, Deborah and Shosh (all dressed up) and was informed that we were going out to a L'chaim.

Miriam Madricha (Cohen) who I was in Shana alef and bet with got engaged this afternoon! Very Exciting!!! There was a L'chaim for her and we were going.

So, off we went. It was nice to go actually. Saw lots of people (I got to see Michelle and the baby! VERY VERY Exciting!!!!) and lots of people that I haven't seen in a long time.

After the party we headed back to Kiryat Moshe. I ate dinner (Mommy, guess what I ate. hehehe. Yeah, it was good. Thank you!) Polished off almost an entire bag of potato chips (with some help ;) right?) Updated my blog (that would be what you are reading now) and got presents (THANK YOU DEBORAH!!!!)

I think I'll sign off now and find something useful to do. (Not that there is much to do but I'm sure I can find something.)

Maybe I'll take out my contacts. That would be a good idea considering that they are doing that annoying 'move when you blink' thing.

Ok, that's it.

Going to peel my eyeballs.

Take care and Happy Third Night of Channuka!!!


miryam said...

Oooo, peeling eyeballs. One of my favorite pastimes. Have good day, Lori!

Sassy Madricha said...

Lori Polly! I am sooo insulted!!

I finally come to visit you, after you abandoning me to go to A Merry Cah, and you weren't even happy in the least to see me!

Well, I'm glad to hear you at least somewhat enjoyed the le'chaim cuz you got to see Michelle's baby, but whatever...

Hope today is better and I'm glad you enjoyed the chicken soup.

Love, Sassy