Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Morning, Already?! But How?

So, I hope this isn't considered stealing 'copywrited' stuff... Or anything else illegal like that.

I give full credit to Bill Watterson - the creator/inventor of Calvin and his hyper-active stuffed animal Hobbes.

Today's strip struck me as 'too true to life' for me.

I always feel like Calvin.

But, as my father explained to me - We are really ALL Calvin.

I feel that some people just aren't - but most of us are. And some more than others.

Under 24 hours to go.

Oh my...

For More Calvin and Hobbes - check out:


Sassy Madricha said...

Cute comic!

And if you really like Calvin and Hobbes then I think you should come to R' Shuster's class on it.

Love ya and I'm going to miss you so much!!

RJ said...

Have a safe trip.. hope u'll still write ur blog over in shmutz le'arretz... i'll be thinkning of ya
p.s reuven is comming to Israel again!!!
Love ya dude

Miryam said...

Oh my! He's really doing it?? Have you been to it? That's so hilarious that he actually got permission to use Calvin and Hobbes to teach mussar. Wow.

Lori, you don't look a thing like Calvin. But I definitely hear this "relating to him" thing.

Is that bad, if you relate to the most psychotic child ever to find his way onto the comics? Well then, maybe I need to be institutionalized.

Yes, Lori, please continue over your trip, if you can. I would love that.