Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pissed as H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks - but better thanks to Menuch...

Hi y'all.

So, today went pretty well up until the beginning of the end. Lemme' 'splain.

So, I woke up early and finished the book I've been reading. Then I got out of bed and made breakfast for me and Shosh. We had 'the works' - hashbrowns and 'hot chocolate' (we had hot chocolate?) My laundry was dry, miraculously and I posted to my blog too.

Shosh and I decided to go to the 'big sale' at Center One. We didn't find anything fun to wear but we managed to waste time and have a real 'Israeli' experience.

I walked to work. I got there early. It was a 'meeting day' - which basically means that no calls can be put through to any of the bosses and that many messages must be taken and relayed to bosses. Of course the fact that three of the computers, the VOIP line, the database and the 'server' didn't help. Also, EVERY single employee decided to come in today, so we didn't even have the option of spreading out and it was impossible to do any of the 'all-important' filing because it was impossible to access the carousel of binders.

Finally people started leaving and the office 'quieted down' (if you ignored the phones ringing off the hook. All 6 lines, all at once.) Anywho - the thing that really ruined my day was at 18:30 when my boss gave me a proposal to re-type. I was doing okay until 19:00 when he told me to re-type it with more corrections. Annoyed that it still wasn't 'right' he asked me to correct it yet again and then it was 19:10 and there I was still trying to fix the stupid proposal.

So, I finished it and gave it to my boss. He found yet another error and asked me to correct it. At that point I was fed up (to say the least) so I informed himi as professionally as possible, that I NEEDED to leave in order to make my TWO busses.

So, I RAN out of the office - RAN out of the buiding (almost knocking over the security guard and his obnoxious friend) - RAN to the bus stop and still missed the bus. Another bus pulled up a few minutes later. I made sure that it was going to TM and jumped on. As he sped off I lost my footing and almost wound up getting flung out of the front window. Then the freaky orange haired ticket checker (there are only 2 ticket checkers in the ENTIRE country. I am convinced.) got on and demanded to see my ticket. I got it out and showed it to him as the bus 'stopped-short' and I almot wound up going out of the window yet again.

To sum up the rest of the story - I missed my 420. But, only by about 3 minutes. For that reason I missed the 'alternative healing seminar' that was scheduled for tonight.

I got on the 416 (half an hour later) and was lucky enough to have the ONLY 2 seater all to myself - but only until Tzomet Shimshon at which point a chayal and a chayelet got on the bus. The chayelet was disinclined to sit but the chayal plopped himself down next to me without any problem. He looked familiar but I don't know who he was. He got off at the same stop as me and headed up the hill - so, I headed down towards Ben-Zev.

At Home they fed me soup and cold spaghetti. I also took the liberty of eating some of Sammy's cookie dough.

Tonight I need to do laundry, wash my feet, pack and get ready to go to Merry-Cah.

I leave in under 12 hours.

Time is getting short.

I must prepare.

Let's drink!

:) - Fatser you silly monkey!

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Don't worry I will miss u 2

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