Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Poppy Chocky Wocky DooDah...

I'm Home! Yay! 4 reeeaaallllyyyy loooooonnnngggg days.

Daddy told me to do a 'summary' version - (for your own goods.)

So, hold on - here goes...

We left on Thursday morning. The flight was uneventful. The three of us sat in a row and had a good time. We landed and it was 'night-time' so we picked up our rental car and drove into Manhattan to Dougies to meet up with Aunt Sabrina, Lisa and Robin AND Hinda and Chava!! (I SAW THEM!! I REALLY DID!! Granted it was quick but I saw them!! YAY!!!) After dinner we headed south towards Saba and Savta's house. When we got there we unloaded the car and took everything inside. The house is empty. I mean, there are three chairs in the kitchen and four beds in the house but that is basically it. We made up the beds and went to sleep.

Friday morning we had an early start. We went doooown to Lakewood and had Bagel Nosh Bagels and donuts and some of us even had Ice Cream. Then we went to Gelbsteins to pick up pie for our 'motza"sh melava malka' and I got a black and white cookie! The we drove north on rt. 9 and did the general 'route 9 route' (the rag shop, 'the mall' and Barnes and Noble.) We then went back to the house and got ready for Shabbos. 15 minutes before candle-lighting we drove over to Chabad to drop off the 'presents' and to surprise everybody. (It worked beautifully.) Then with five minutes till Shabbos we drove over to the Halpert's. Dinner was wonderful, it was really nice to spend time with Mitch and Nancy! (And Sammy got to serve the wine...) The walk back to the house was cold, frigid and uneventful. (Aside from my leg muscles freezing over and refusing to move.)

Shabbos Day we went to Shul (which starts at 9:30.) There was a kiddush and then the men left for the Halperts and the women headed upstairs for the Seudat Shabbat. Tova made us speak, I shmoozed with Chanale and it was really nice. Then other people showed up for the Shabbat Kallah and before we knew it Shabbat was over. After havdalah we headed over to the Danzigers. We ordered Levy's and I entertained Josh by trying to convince him that nobody carries pocket-knives in Israel, that milk in bags is cool and that setting slugs on fire is a fun experiment.

Sunday morning we went to Target. I got a pocket-knife and the game Boggle. I also got four sweatshirts. Then we went back to the house to 'get ready' - hair, make-up, pretty clothes and dressy shoes. We left right on time but miscalculated the 'timing' so we arrived a little late. Then we drove to the chuppah at 770 and afterwards we drove back to the hall for the PARTY!! Chanale looked gorgeous, there were something like 700 people, dancing was insane, and I even got a really great Bracha. After the wedding we got back into the car and drove back down to Manalapan.

Monday morning dawned dreary and gray. But we got up and did laundry then headed out to Circuit city, the bank, Staples and Best Buy. After frantic shopping we dropped the stuff off at the house and headed North to Elizabeth. We stopped in at Bruriah (where I was unrecognized - except by Rabbi O) but, Sammy got to see her friends. The we went over the the pizza place where we ingested copious amounts of pizza, onion rings and spicy fries. We quickly drove back to Manalapan and cleaned up the house then we loaded up the car and drove over to 'Sons of Israel' to see Chanale in her Shaitel. Unfortunately, we had a plane to catch and they got there a little late - so it was very quick, but we got to say hi, see and say g'bye.

Then we headed out to Newark Airport (which is now called something else with Liberty in it). Returned the rental car, got on the 'monoraily' thing and 'checked in' - interactively no less. Then we headed to the gate and waited to board. Our seats were messed up so we each sat in the middle of a row between random people. Thankfully they were nice people. I spent the flight sleeping and knitting. I was so frum - I didn't even watch the movies (truthfully, there was nothing good on...)

Mommy picked us up and we drove Home. The surprise we got was a 'neighborhood-wide' power outage. The entie Giva'h was out. So as we drove onto the street we were greeted by people and flashlights. Shani came over to say hi and we handed out 'presents' to everybody.

I need to go and unpack my suitcases and then re-pack my stuff for tomorrow. In the morning I need to head up to Jerusalem. There is stuff to drop off in my apartment, Deborah to see and 'Work' - I have the 'name-badges' for the seminar. My boss is going to be soooo happy.

I hope I don't fall asleep 'on the job' - but I am sure to be oyshka-jetlagged especially since I hadn't caught up with American time and now am back in yet another time-zone.

Nonetheless it's good to be Home...


yo' meanma said...

I know it doesn't seem fair for me to comment first since I know that u just blogged but...

Hope u enjoyed the black out no I didn't really have anything to do with it but I'll take the credit anyway:)


Zalman said...

I love boggle.

Miryam said...

Welcome home, Lori.

You sound like you had a nice time.