Monday, December 05, 2005

'Return to me Health...'

Basically, I am sick. If you haven't gotten that general idea then you can stop reading now and never bother coming back to this site again.

I decided to try to be responsible and 'adult' today. I decided to get up extra early and to go to the bank before class to deposit my 'paycheck' (which I got!) So, I went to the bank, but after 5 desperate attempts the machine still would not accept it. I followed all of the instructions - however - it informed me that my check was 'damaged or something-or-other.' So, I called Daddy to see if he had any wise-words-of-wisdom for me and let's just sum up the phone call and the incident by saying - it was another one of those - hang up on Daddy and get back to the apartment as fast as possible so that you don't cry hysterically in public and try not to stop breathing, collapse, faint or get run over on the way.

I cried for a good 15 minutes (amazingly enough, it cleared a lot of the pressure in my head. So, at least the three day migraine was eased a bit.)

I headed out to massage class. My teacher was horrified, "Lori, what is wrong? Are you alright? Can I get you some tea or some water?" (I really wish I could be more like my teacher. She is so friendly, open and sweet and willing to help.) She told me I didn't need to 'work' this week. So, I sat at the back of the classroom and looked pretty until 11:30. At which point I was informed that I could go home if I so desired. I did desire, so I left school and decided to make some detours on the way back to the apartment. First - Tachanah Merkazit to get new bus schedules. They only had BS-->Jeru so that's all I got, and then I headed down to Holy Bagel.

So, I get on line behind a sem-girl and her ‘non-girl-friend’ – they were giving the guy behind the counter a rough time. So, when he asked me what I wanted I did my best to be nice. I smiled and said "plain bagel with butter please..." (Well, he was glad to help anyone instead of them.) So while he buttered the bagel I grabbed a bottle of water and when he finished he was like 'veggies' I smiled (again) and nodded no. Anyway - I gave him 20 shekel and he was like "you dont have change do you?" I was like... sorry dude, no little money. He was like, not even chatzi shekel? So with a wicked smile I dove into my wallet and pulled out 50 agarot of all shapes and sizes. Hey, at least he smiled when I gave it to him. It made his day that much easier. Because I had succeeded in eliciting a smile from the nice guy in the bagel store - I felt prepared to tackle the bank again. So, I got my bag rifled through and went in to try the machine again. Obviously, it didn't work. But, the 'need to prove myself' ate away at my gut (or was that the acid?) - so I went in and got on a line. (I had no idea which one I needed to be on.) I talked to the lady at the desk when my turn came, ascertained that I could deposit a check through her (not literally through her - but in her official bank capacity - she could deposit the check into my account.) - I gave her the check, my T”Z and she did the rest. I signed on the lines and *poof* I have the check in its physical manifestation, no more. I did it!! Ok, well it was exciting for me.

Back in the apartment I ate my deeeelicious bagel and lazed around. I decided to bus to and from work because I have been having trouble breathing when walking across the street to TM so walking aaaaalllllll the way down Yafo seemed slightly ludicrous to me.

At work I knew what I was doing. I filed, I e-mailed, I phoned I did tons.

The last straw of my day was at 19:00. When my boss said “ok, I’m going. Finish those last three things and e-mail them to me at Home.” Ummm, you just gave me those things (not small things but BIG things) ten minutes ago!!!!!!! I’m also supposed to leave at seven. I also have a life (crazy, huh?) and things to do. Alas, I didn’t get out of the office until 19:20.

We will need to work out some other way of tracking my hours. I don’t like this estimated payment thing. It’s sketchy.

I have yet to find out how I need to go about dealing with Bituach Le-umi..

I stopped at Zol Lmehadrin on the way back and bought a bottle of Dry White Wine (and a cork-screw) and Baguettes for tomorrow morning’s Onion Soup Adventure. I hope it works. Maybe Mommy will come over in the morning and surprise me and help me put up the soup, then watch a quick movie and ‘chill’ and then…

Nah, who am I joking? She’s so busy – we have to remind her to… Wait, she’s so amazing that we don’t have to remind her to do anything!!!!

Ahhhhhhh! I will never be able to do that! (What is ‘that?’ – EVERYTHING!!!!)

I hate being grown up. I want to be two years old and eating lamb-chops and not caring that I might be ingesting Mary’s little lamb.

I am going to watch Gone with the Wind…

I need surreal to supplant my reality. By back hurts and my throat hurts and my stomach and it’s muscles hurt. I am not happy.



debsy said...

Oy Lori - u sound so misberal!! Cheer up!! ur off to Merry Cah soon and when u get back u'll have a friendly visitor!
Don't worry life's not that bad and as i've been reminded for the second time in as many days by Malka 'He only sends what u can handle - even if u think u can't.' Sorry for being philosophical, i'm in one of those moods.
Enjoy the onion soup - sounds yum - i want some!!
Glad u got paid but u might want to write down all this overtime u've been doing!! I hope ur being paid for it!!

Chavs said...

:* I would have made it bigger, but I cant. That is supposed to be a BIG KISS!!

Anonymous said...

lori- I luv ur blog... ur so real in it.... u just go on and on....
but ill keep reading it everyday