Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rob the Imp?

Anatomy class was fascinating. We're discussing the 'senses' - (or the organs that sense anyway.) We finished up the last sense today, hearing. Then we stared the 'bloooooood' and all the things that make up blood. It's so cool. And I made friends with Yosef Chaim, we're tight now. He colored with my markers. And he mixed them up too, cause it seems they look cooler like that.

The bus-ride Home was uneventful. No pancakes and no one to talk to so I listened to Switchfoot and knitted.

At Home Mommy had made lunch for me. REAL macaroni and cheese! My All-Time FAVORITEST! I even took my meds. beforehand so - I was able to enjoy it to my hearts content (without too much guilt anyway...)

There wasn't much of anything to do at Home. I could have started cutting out the material for my purple ball-gown skirt (the one I was supposed to be making for Avigdor's wedding - which is next week...)

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy went out to Kedumim for Parent-Teacher Conferences at Eli's school. I was left with the all important responsibility of baking two cakes. One for shabbos and one for Ezri's school party. Well, I (Sammy) mixed up the batter and stuck it in the oven. Unfortunately, Avi Chai Dibble Child has been trained to turn off the oven timer when it beeps. So, I totally forgot about the cake and the timer was turned off - and well, it was SUPPOSED to be a yellow cake but it could probably pass for a dark chocolate cake around about now...

So, I started making a second cake. To sum up the experience... the juice from the orange that I was juicing is now staining the front of my brand new white Old Navy shirt, Between each egg that I cracked the phone rang again (4 eggs...), the plastic bag that the flour is in sprung a leak and to top it all off - when I tried to 'marbelize' the colorful sprinkles - all the color ran!

Anywho - now the cake is in the oven and I should really try to find the kitchen before Mommy gets Home and has a fit.

But first, a relatively funny story...

We got a new little fridge for the basement. The box has become Avi Chai's 'play-house' after a fashion. The kid really engineered it well though. He took off the flaps on one end (so he could walk around with his 'house' literally on his back) and on the other end - he left the flaps so that he would have a 'roof' over his house. Anyway, he was getting a little wild so we told him to go into his box to calm down (yeah, BIG mistake...) So I figured ok, I'll turn the box upside down and REALLY lock him in. So I turned it over and told him to get in. He complied without a word and had this smirky-dibblish grin on his face. I stood the box up and was sure that I had 'got him' - and suddenly from behind me I hear the little Dibble say...

"Were you trying to lock me in my box?" Followed by hysterical laughter.

I walked around the the other side of the carton and realized that the kid had cut an 'emergency exit' flap down at the 'other end' - for just in case some fool (namely me) ever tried to lock him in his own box.

Alas, the Dibble runs free and I cower behind my computer screen. Though I fear I shall have to venture out and somehow excavate down through the layers to uncover the kitchen counters.

Speaking of the kitchen -


MY CAKE!!!!!...


Anonymous said...

Ah, Lori, you make me laugh. :D

I hope your second cake comes out well.

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