Friday, December 30, 2005


So, the story goes like this. Due to technical issues, there will not be pictures to illustrate the final stages of my skirt-making-adventure.

I slept for 3 hours last night - I got out of bed early this morning and got straight to work on the skirt. Mommy wound up helping me out with a tricky/sticky part (something about 4 seperate pieces all needing to be attached on the waistband and the material was slippery and...)

By 10:00 the whole family (besides for Sammy and myself) were on a bus to Chevron - to celebrate Sara Preiser's Bat-Mitzvah a third or is it seventh time? Sammy and I listened to the new Loreena McKennitt CD (really her first one but new for us so...) We shmoozed and baked Amaretto cakes for Raizi then we got all dressed up and waited for the call telling us that the parental units would be Home soon.

Somehow (by some inexplicable trick of fate which some may call a miracle) we made it to Jerusalem and arrived at the hall in time to see the last 1/3 of the chuppah. No comments shall be published about how I felt at the affair. (If you want more info feel free to e-mail me and I shall divulge my 'feelings' with you...) I can safely sum up the experience by describing to you one portion of my evening which involved me being seated between Tzvi and Matan (who were being themselves - aka: worse than Ezri and Avi on a BAD day.) While staring imploringly across the table at Sammy who was quite content to allow me to remain in this uncomfortable predicament.

Yeah - I did dance. I was OVER-dressed (though the comfy white sweatshirt did improve the situation by dressing the outfit down.) The skirt was just tooooo darned nice. It shimmered and glided - unfortunately, due to some technical errors in sewing and the like it was also a bit toooooo long.

No, I don't have a picture of me all dressed up. I shall try to get my hands on one (bli neder...) Though why anyone would want to see that is a mystery to me - I mean, I try to stay away from mirrors... well, after last time... Never mind.

Anywho - back at Home now. Comfy in my PJs and in my bed. I spent the car-ride Home holding up a box of 120 or so Gladiolas so my arm is slightly numb and I smell like a flower...

Rant of the Night: I can't deal with this. Three friends married in the last two weeks and two friends engaged. What next? (Oh yeah, before I forget - Shut-up Tzvi.)