Sunday, December 11, 2005

So many bosses - so little time...

Reflexology was nice this morning. Though, we had an 'early class' meaning that we started at 8:30. (Meaning, I had to be up and dressed by 8:15. HA!) We learned the 'Vascular' system (we did the 'cardio' part last week.)

I got worked on! YAY! Plus, it was really nice because Sage (who I worked with) is a massage therapist already so she throws in all sorts of fun massage stuff. I was basically asleep on the table - but, I needed it.

I went straight to work from school. I couldn't decide whether to walk or to bus. I hadn't walked for over a week and was feeling ok. So, I headed off but the block after TM I got so winded I couldn't breathe (not to mention I was coughing like crazy.) An 18 pulled up so I hopped on and was in front of the office with plenty of time to spare. I sauntered around the building and took all of the 'long cuts' I could find. Nevertheless, i was early. Alas, better early than late. It was a basically quiet day. I got to file the newspapers and didn't really do anything else of much importance. Not that I mind, it's nice for things to be calm every once in a while.

I left on time and decided to walk back to the apartment. I stoppped in at the shuk for the first time in almost 2 weeks and spent a whopping four shekel on veggies.

The rest of the walk went pretty quickly and now I am safely back in my apartment.

I washed my feet (because my legs were BLACK!) and am now in the process of eating dinner.

I was going to have chicken soup but was not in the mood. So as appetizer I am eating Peanut Butter Captain Crunch wif Chawklit milk (a rash act which I will most probably regret in a few hours.)

I am contemplating making up some pasta primavera.

It sounds tempting.

I just don't know if I honestly have energy to wait for the noodles to cook.


Mommy, come make supper for me, PLEASE!!! :)


yo' meanma said...

Sorry can't come over and make supper tonight, gotta a meeting at someones house not sure whose and not sure when, but such is life when u jump on board in the "HOOD".

Glad to hear u had a good day. I'll try and call if I get home on time.

Sassy Madricha said...

Pasta sounds nice...

How's your tummy tolerating the milk?

Guess who I saw today?? Omg, this is turning into an obsession, dude, seriously! I need to stop! And he's not even my pancake!!

Have a great day!!