Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So Sas, About That Cousin of Yours...

I am getting extremely sick of this question. so I have decided to just get it down in Black and White letters for everybody...

What exactly AM I looking for in a pancake?

Well, the usual. The basics - flour, sugar, milk, eggs. You know - a 'solid' general grounded basis. Of course, I don't mind exoctic flavorings like some Vanilla Extract for example. Chocolate chips and sprinkles are great for fun and add color and variety. A layer of sweet 'honest-to-goodness' maple syrup on top. And that just about sums it up.

Anywho - I got a late start today. Well, seeing as it is a Tuesday and I don't have class - I figured it was okay to laze around a bit this morning and read. So, I did.

I actually walked to work this morning, though it took me almost 40 minutes.

The office was crazy. Between dealines, phones-ringing, dictations, phone-calls to be made, projects to follow up on, computers breaking, e-mails not coming in or going out and faxes neither sending or being received we were pretty busy.

When I got back to the apartment there was a visitor waiting for me. Sassy stopped by to say g'bye and wish me a n'siah tovah - (cause I won't see her for two whole weeks :( and I'm gonna miss her!)

I was 'in the mood' so I heated up a 'chicken soup'. I threw in some noodles too and the new kind of 'crunchies' (they are shaped like little fishies.)

I am now attempting to eat my soup and am doing a good job of burning my poor little taste-buds to death.

Yes, as usual I need to wash my feet. The rest of tonight's schedule is yet to be decided. I will probably knit a bit (hehe, that rhymes), and then read some more of my book. I'm almost finished with it.

I shall do the calculations once again (and check them for good measure...)

Yup, just as I suspected - only 36ish hours till we go.

Double check that if you so desire.

Mommy is right, at least I can spell...


yo' meanma said...

wow another day full of dead lions, well it is better to be kept busy than to be bored.

I will try and make a good dinner for you tommorrow. Since I have been busy, busy, busy...

Just got off the phone with ur brother he is having his own set of problems...

I need to let out one of those very loud screams so hold you ears
---------: 00000000000000-------

I feel better now :)

love you and see you soon.

don't forget to take ur winter coat it is very cold in a merry ca!

Chavs said...

Bring lots of warm clothes...its very very cold! I think we should go visit my house. I am counting down to you come to Merry Cah!! Im really excited!

debsy said...

i haven't got to the hours stage yet - but its coming up!!! i'm still up to 4 and a bit days!!!!! Yippiee!!!!

Miryam said...


Lori, I want to see you when you come...

Debs, I want to come with you...

I'm thrilled for the both of you!! I
hope you guys enjoy every minute of it.

Sassy Madricha said...


Firstly, despite the wonderful recipe you gave us all to make pancakes, I'm still a lil' funcused as to what kinda pancake you wanna marry. I have like a 2-page requiremnt list (JK) and you can't even be a little more precise? Please? I need to tell my uncle something dude!

Secondly... You're really going to miss me?! I'm truly touched! I'm going to miss you too!

Finally, I hope you enjoyed your soup! Mine came out delicious B"H! Thanks for the container. Refua sheleima to your taste buds!

Have a safe flight!!

Love, Sassy