Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sometimes I Feel Like a Duck...

Woke up this morning and shmoozed with Sammy. We had bagels and hot chocolate for breakfast then we sat around analyzing the puffkin. She decided to be a responsible person and went to school, leaving her stuff at my place so that she could pick it up after school.

For some reason, Brenda did not have a key so Sammy found her and gave her - her key to my apartment. A few hours later I received a frantic phone call.

"Umm, Brenda didn't have a key so I gave her mine, then I took her clothes to put them in your apartment when I picked up my stuff but, I was on the way to your apartment when I realized I couldn't get into your apartment because I gave Brenda my key - so I got on the bus to go Home and now my toothbrush is locked in your apartment and Brenda's clothes for tomorrow are going Home.

Let's just sum it up as I spent twenty minutes feeding Brenda cucumbers then I walked her out to the traempiyadah and got her safely onto a 416 bus Home.

The rest of my day was equally as depressing as the story you read above.

I was sent down to the post-office again. I thought "sure, I can do this." It was a 'mailing' wich means they were sending out 255 envelopes stuffed with magazines to subscribers. So, all of these magazines were in their envelopes and grouped in bundles of 25 and in a 'bubby cart' (you know those wire carts with the wheels and the handle. yeah, one of those. Anyway - on the waydown to the post office pushing this cart that didn't really move and didn't really turn - first, I got squashed by the elevator doors and then on the way down the stairs the bubby cart collapsed and fell to pieces. Once inside the post-office I got on line and prayed that the nice lady would help me. b"H, she did but just when I had things under control, I made a HUGE mistake. I don't even know how I did it. I saw the numbers in front of me as 1815 instead of 181.50 (meaning one thousand eight hundred fifty instead of one hundred eighty one and a half shekel.) A bit of a difference no? So, I called the office in a panic and the matter was rectified but I was warned before going up that 'the BIG boss' was on the 'warpath.' I went back upstairs with much trepidation. However, upon entering room 729 I encountered 'the BIG boss'. He asked me how things were going and I was in no emotional state to smile and nod, "it's terribe, I told him. I had a disaster going to the post-office and I messed up the check and I got squashed by the elevator doors and it just wasn't any fun." I thought he was going to cry for me. He said "It's ok, did you take care of the check and send everything?" I answered in the affirmative. "Good" he said. "Then everything is alright. Are you better now?" It was amazing. I really did feel better.

Work passed by quickly and at 19:00 I hurried back to my apartment to spend some time with Brenda.

Shosh made pizza dough and we rolled it out and put sauce, peppers and cheese on it and it is now in the oven.

I think tonight I may watch the second half of 'Gone With the Wind' but it honestly depends on how tired I am and how much energy I have.

Tomorrow I go Home. I am very excited because I am really feeling quite ill and am thinking that quite possibly, I should have dialed *3833 today and made an appointment to see a Doctor.

But honeslty, what would they do? Give me Mucolit? That's what they give everyone else.

I just wish I could breathe without pain.

Hey, the pizza is ready.

Yay - dinnertme.


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yo' meanma said...

Sorry for driving u crazy ;} but that's what I'm here for.

Sorry about the bubby cart I know how much u hate those things but look on the bright side...(wait I'm thinking!) It could have been worse, (don't ask me how)it just could have been.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow :)

Love you!