Saturday, December 10, 2005

Stupid Boy!!! ARG!

Friday night was chilled. Shul was nice, Dinner was nice and after dinner was nice. I feel like I'm writing a third grade book report. Yes, the book was nice too. Anyway, after the meal Sammy and I were not in the mood to sit around so we decided to walk out to the end of Shienfeld. First stop was to visit Saba and Savta (where I drank a cup of peppermint tea with three (or was it four?) ice cubes.) We shmoozed for about an hour and then headed over to R'chov Gad to see what was going on in the Sladowsky's House.

We visited with Shani, made new friends, laughed at stupid letters from some 'nut-case' or another and all around had a good time. Like i said last time we went there - I really enjoy spending time with them. They are a fun family and I like to be able to have a good time with fun people. The walk Home was uneventful. I carried the book "Eragon" that I borrowed from Shani and it was nice because the walk back is all downhill. :)

On the street we chanced upon a bunch of people, who I have vague recollections of once hanging out with. No offence meant, but I just don't have anything to do with them - it's sort of a mutual thing. They don't really want me hanging out with them (I'm a 'good-girl' - so I sort of put a damper on the party) and I though I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them - it's more from watching them than it is from actually having anything to say to them.

Shabbos day was very relaxed as well. I was up on time for Shul and made it there in time too. The world was shrouded in a thick mist. It was so eerie, but I loved it. It was like walking through a tangible veil of fog, plus the sky was 'misting' (really light and seemingly unreal rain.) So, me equipped with my overactive imagination thoroughly enjoyed the walk.

Shul was looong (due to the 20 minute speech) but lunch was nice and after the meal I moved from sofa to sofa trying to get comfy with my book. The problem with these short Shabbatot is that they go by so quickly. Ora came to visit and we laughed and shmoozed. (Next time, it is my turn to go to HER house. But, that won't be for at least 2 weeks. Nonetheless, it is very exciting.) I hate to sound like a child but it truly is nice to have a friend who understands you and your viewpoints and situation.

Tonight Mommy and Daddy are going to drive me back to Jerusalem and we will be bringing one of the 'extra' beds from Brenda's room. (Good for me and good for Brenda.)

I'm not sure what the time schedule is and when we are scheduled to be leaving.

I am also waiting for the person mentioned in the title to bring my book back. Not that I will have time to read the story that I would like to read but - maybe Wednesday night after I finish packing I will have a chance.

Random things to study; Poli-sci, Sociology and Mechanical Engineering. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with these fields. It's just that - the people who are studying them, never mind. I can't explain it. Just trust me. Things are strange. Very Strange. People are strange.

I'm going to Merry Cah in 5 days.
Oh my goodness.
I hope this cough goes away...

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Sassy Madricha said...

Dear Lolly,

I'm so glad to hear you finally sounding positive again! I hate when your sick and sad! Btw, how is your cough? Feeling any better? Well, I'm really happy that you had a good Shabbos! Just wait till you read about mine!

Must you go to Ameri Cah? I really don't want you to! What will I do without you?? Ahhhh! This is depressing me!

Well, better run to immuno class- you never know who you might end up sitting beside!

Love ya!