Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ok, it's official - they really are trying to get rid of me.

What's with the new family slogan "Help us get rid of her and you will be helping us be happier..." or maybe it's more like a mystery/suspense/drama "Will we be able to coerece some nice guy to take her off of our hands?"

Well, Fiddle-dee-dee. I mean, I wish I had known about what was going on and all of the 'behind-the-scenes' efforts that were taking place (and probably still are.)

And to think - I have even been stabbed in the back by my own Freddie. Eh Tu Freddie?

As for today and the pattern I live in daily -

aside from it being a Tzom (which went really quickly and easily) everything was quiet. All the bosses left early and my boss didn't even come in - so I filed, finished sorting Media Stuff, packed the boxes for Seminar and filed some more. Somehow 5 hours were gone in a flash I was outta the office (only 10 minutes late due to a technical error having to do with wrong e-mail addresses...)

Walked back to the apartment cause it was brisk and clear outside.

I wish I were Home so I could go out to the tel and stare at the stars...


da' kender said...

what? that raizi asked moshe if he knows anyone and to keep an eye open? did u not know that? everyone wants to be your shadchan... u are more popular than you know...

debsy said...

what happened to the free meal?? what did u eat?

Sassy Madricha said...

Uh oh Lori!