Monday, January 09, 2006


It was raining this morning when we left for class. Not only was it raining but it was raining hard and it was cold. Class was moderately disturbing. We thought we were going to move on to the next 'part' and that it would be the stomach. Granted, massaging somebody's stomach is a little sketchy but what we in fact learned was even more disturbing. I dunno, the teacher said that it is very important to do because that is where all of the weight of the body sits and it's a collection-center for all stress and emotional, mental and even physical anguishes BUT massaging somebody else's bum is just NOT on my top ten list. Actually, truthfully speaking - it's not really on my list. It's sort of one of those things that I don't think I ever wanted to do or ever will do again. It's just down-right wrong.

After class I headed out to work. The office was hectic (as usual) and I didn't have a computer (as usual) and my boss gave me work for which I needed a computer (as usual) and then I had to use the scary computer in the back room until I could move up to the front. I typed 2 proposals in hebrew and did lots of faxing. I didn't work on 'my' project nor did I do any filing or the re-organizing of Seminar papers (like I was supposed to do.)

Yeah, but when I left work (on-time) and had nothing left over or extra 'for tomorrow' it was nice.

On the way back to the apartment I called Daddy and Mommy, Bought Fresh lachmanyot, and Potato chips for my 'feast.'

For dinner I ate the yummy grilled chicken that I 'swiped' from Home. Obviously, I had chips with it and it was a GREAT erev-tzom meal.

No class tomorrow though I do have work. On the bright side - tomorrow night's dinner is supposedly going to be 'free' (on the boss) I wonder where we will order from...

Just a week till seminar... One week from tonight I will be on the road to Givat Shmuel (hopefully Nuch will be with me so I won't get totally lost...)

Our Shabbos plans didn't work out as planned and now I've got to go and lend some moral support to Shosh while she calls a lady from our class to ask if we can come for Shabbos...

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