Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Date With My Nuch...

Warning: Today's post is an incoherent rambling collection of thougts and things:

Well - the story goes as follows...

I got a phone call this morning and concluded that I haven't gone out in quite a while so I am going on a date! I'm so excited!! Even the thunder that is booming ear-shatteringly outside the windows can't deter me or spoil my good-cheer! We're not sure what exactly is on the agenda but we're gonna have a sleep-over party and it's gonna be FUN!!

AND - The best part is - I get to spend Monday night doing it all over again!!!

I LOVE my Nuch!!

In other news: Work today was nothing worth writing about. Before I move on to a different topic please allow me to say that, I just adore it when people talk to me like I'm a two year old just because I am the youngest person working in the office. It really makes me feel special. Can't you imagine?

Shabbos is almost here and my plans are still not finalized. ARG! I really wanted to go to Mrs. Mendelowitz but Shana Bet got in the way. At least we can go to her for one meal.

Have I mentioned recently how much I HATE phones?


What else?

Oh yeah - I hope my Freddie forgives me. Life is no fun without Kenderkin around.

Today's Calvin and Hobbes speaks for itself:

Calvin is quite the devious little boy. Always getting into trouble...

Reminds me of somebody I know... :)


yo' meanma said...

one would think that you should be aware of this normal behavior living in the house with several "felion" type creatures :)

da'kender said...

"Today's Clavin and Hobbes speaks for itself:" now who's making the mistakes?

Hinda said...

Calvin's my hero! :)

Lorelai said...

Sister Dearest,

What ever are you tlaking (sp?) about? ;)


Sammy said...

Clavin... that spelling