Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dear Nancy,

After four hours of Hemoglobin, Connective tissue, Bilirubin, Bile and Scabs I went to the office for my first ever Thursday afternoon 'on the job.'

The Head-est boss gave me a job to do and after completing it he scared me out of my wits by telling me that I had sent it to the wrong person (namely the Nancy mentioned in the title of this post.) I had not sent it to her though - I had sent it to the right people. He laughed at his joke and told me that he would adopt me as his new grand-daughter Lori Nancy.

I got proof today that scathing e-mails worded just right, with a sticky-sweet sucking up element get you the results that you desire. Thankfully, next week when I sit down to work on the Media Stuff Project I will actually have some of the information to pull out of the fashtunkenah orange binders.

Frizzie was a big helper today. The office was hectic and there were too many people in too small of a space and tensions were waaaaay high - then Frizzie sat down on the front desk with a pad of 'post-it-notes' and a pen and as people passed by the couldn't help but smile. Even the bosses found it amusing that he was working so hard - they were even happier to know that he was working for free.

After work Daddy, Grandpa and Eli picked me up. As a result I got to save the last punch on my inner-city cartisiyah, a punch on my BS-YM cartisiyah and I got home an hour earlier than I had expected to.

For tonight there are no plans planned and nothing much to do. Maybe I will watch a movie, maybe I will knit, maybe I will clean.

I need to contemplate my options - whilst I do I think I will ingest some french fries.

That's a good start.

Don't you agree?


Flying Disaster said...

ingesting french fries sounds good- but we r out of those, well actually we are out of most things. sounds like you had a good day at work. miss you, have a good shabbos.

da'kender said...

We had a date, so dont worry. your evening was something else ;)
We did sit ups in the kitchen and Eli tried to kill you, you aquired a new bruise and brenda, well i dunno what she did, but she probably made you laugh...
All in all it was as I said before, something else. good night sister dear, and dont forget... "Frankly me dear, I dont give a damn!"

Sassy Madricha said...

How come Frizzie gets to go with you to work and I don't??