Saturday, January 21, 2006

Digging My Hole a Little Deeper Each Day...

Well, Shabbat was really nice. Ate at the Novik's in Givat Shaul for both meals, learned Friday night, ate lotsa nosh (right Shosh?), played rummikub, mancala and life with Yisrael and Yonit and all around enjoyed.

When the Havdala candle fizzled out I felt the burden's of the week settle on my shoulders.

Got a call and was invited to see The Chronicles of Narnia (all expenses paid) so I went. It was good all things considered. The fairy-tale creatures were up to par, the special effects were phenomenal and Aslan reminded me of Doosty. The movie didn't ruin the book but it didn't exactly add anything to it either. This is one of those 'read' rather than 'see' things.

At the moment my head feels as though someone is trying to drill a hole through my skull with an electric screw-driver. It's quite painful.

Only four days of work this week, three days of school, two important things to do and one decision to make.

Sounds simple when it's written out like that - doesn't it?

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debsy said...

Oh yes really simple!!! Good luck with all of that! (see comment's to sassy's blog for addition to your list for the week - will explain later iy'H!)