Thursday, January 26, 2006

E - Exceeds Expectations...

Well, I had 2 profound thoughts to include in today's post, they were mentioned this morning in class by Dr Dror. However, class seems like forever ago and the paper I wrote them on is far away from me.

I did go to class this morning, of that I am certain. It was four hours of mind-numbing nothingness. I think we covered the immune system and all about the lymph and why exactly we need lymphatic drainage in our under-arms. I'm sure that there was more but I can't remember it too well.

I managed to catch the 13:20 back to BS so I was Home with plenty of time to spare. I made it to my nightmare appointment in RBS and even got to go to Chemdat Hateva.

I love the scenery of Bet Shemesh. Really, lush green fields and the rolling hills inspire me. I thrive on them and when I am far away the memory of them seems so alive that it is almost enough to free my mind.

I tried to bake cookies. I say tried because that is all I can do. Try. There is no way for me to control the weather and no way for me to control humidity. *sigh* yet another cookie attempt flop for the books.

The late hours of my night were spent watching an old friend named Brian (he put on quite a show) and watching riddles be solved. I even had the thrill of playing 'My Word' with somebody who presented a challenge to my 'quick?' word-building abilities. (Granted, it was a little annoying because there were a couple of wide-eyed twits hanging about - but the Dibble was asleep so at least it was quiet.)

My scarf is not going to be done for Shabbos. There is no possible way.
It's supposed to rain tomorrow night - which would be fun if I weren't actually meant to be going places. (I mean, as you know - generally when it comes to wandering in the rain my policy is 'the bigger the puddle the more kudos you deserve.')

Maybe I will get a 'reading' this shabbos. We'll see who is Home. Rudyard Kipling is on the glass table again. It was noticed once - I wonder if it will be noticed again. I wonder who will notice it.

and so the story goes -

Once upon a time...

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Flying Disaster said...

Believe it or not i felt we really learnt a lot in class.....sorry to disappoint u but we didn't learn immune system, he skipped it for later ;) and we learnt how to breathe remember? diaphragm chest, diaphragm chest. what you mean your not practicing? so you mean your going to come read to me, that was fun last week although i did fall asleep. Have a GREAT shabbos, missing you.