Friday, January 20, 2006

"Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust..."

Well, it's Erev Shabbos once again. Funny to think I haven't really helped get ready for Shabbos in a few weeks. (Such a foreign concept to me and sort of sad. I really do love all of the work and preparation. It makes The day even more special.)

Anywho - today I've decided to share some of my art with you.

Granted they are nothing professional, but considering I did them on my laptop (with no external mouse) - I think they're pretty cute. It's more about the message anyway - right? And regardless all of you will look at them subjectively - and your opinion will depend on many factors like how well you know me for instance... (hey you - did I get that right? lol! See? I was paying attention.)

This one I made - mostly to amuse myself. (Ok - really it was totally for amusement value...) CLICK HERE TO SEE!!

And, this one I made when I figured out how Australia works (being on the other side of the world and all...) - CLICK HERE TOO!! :)

I was inspired to post these because I was looking through old e-mails and was deciding who I should really write to personally (because it has been a while...) and then I started thinking about all the people who I just stam haven't seen - whether because of army, conflicting schedules, work, them getting married or them just plain far away.

And so - for my little brother whom I have not spoken to in a very long while - I decided to pull out these links. I miss you and your smile, hope everything is going ok. (And thanks for introducing me to the artpad.) :)

As Rabbi Lauffer would say (as only he can say), "Have a splendiferous Shabbos, and we'll see you exhausted and hung-over, back here after Shabbos..."

To make your own art just visit
Try it and feel free to post the links to your own art in the comments... :)
Or e-mail the links to me. I'd love to see your creations. LoL!

Come on, I dare you. ;p


Flying Disaster said...

u amuse me to no end.....and don't worry about te cleaning, just enjoy. atleast we will get an erev shabbos at te shuk in. looking foward to shabbos. :)
p.s. see s/o signed ur blog

debsy said...

i feel like i've seen those somewhere b4 - in fact i think i know who told u it was australia ;-
). miss u and ur art!!

tevie said...

hehe whats up old sis (not that much older pfft!) things are going dono so much for "well" :P

got my hasbah in the kotel this week if u want to stand in the cold ?:).