Sunday, January 01, 2006

Going Up?

Well, last night was one of THE most pathetic New Year's Eves I have ever experienced. I spent it playing Neopets and watching Ezri and Avi play Runescape. Then I got into bed at 11:58. (No, that doesn't mean that I slept or anything strange like that...)

This morning I woke up bright and early and was busy having some sense knocked into me (which is why I missed my bus.) Luckily, the sense was firmly entrenched and another bus came 1/2 an hour later. I had time to stop in the apartment and drop off my stuff before heading out to work.

At the office I was informed that my three day trip (that I was scared I was going to be fired for...) is considered 'vacation days' and not only that - they are PAID vacation days. LoL! Another example of me worrying too much and all for no reason.

I fininshed sending out follow-up e-mails for the Info project. I finished the pile of work left for me by my boss. I started the 'data-base' project (involving the 530 papers I organized last week.) But - the best part of the day was at 17:00 when my boss said "you can leave at a quarter to 18:00.

So, I called Daddy, left the office and made my way on foot aaaallllll the way down R'chov Yafo - to Sha'ar Yafo (where I called Daddy again.) I then headed into the Old City and to the Rova HaYehudi to meet up with the Mishpacha. We turned around and headed straight out of the Old City and to the car. We went out to Ahavat HaYam (our favorite fish restaraunt.) The place was 'hopping' but the people always seem to remember us (probably, "here's that family with the kids who think that the fish are listening when they talk to them and think the fish answer them back. Yep, regular wierdos.") and they squeezed us in.

After the meal we headed over to my apartment. Shosh was there, I lit Menorah (I can't believe it's the last night of Channukah, where did it go?) Then we yelled at Dibble and Moonbeam for driving the coffee table (which is on wheels) around the apartment and after they started playing with the doors it was decided that the time had come for them to leave.

So, they all filed out the door and headed to the elevator. I closed the door as I saw the elevator leave - but realized that the Dibble was still waiting for the elevator. Thankfully, Sammy was there and she said she'd go down with him - but he wanted to go down all alone. So, when the elevator arrived he got in and instructed Sammy to take the stairs "I'm pretending to be invisible" she explained to him. "Oh, ok. No, wait a second - aaaaaahhhh!" was the last I heard as the door closed and they descended to the Knisah level...

Class tomorrow and life resumes its 'normal' schedule.

Normal. That's a funny thing to call it.


Sammy said...

well well sister dear, you've done it again! funny funny!
want to get a laugh?
so I wake Avi up and he walks into the house from the car. He lights his menorah and then lies down on mommy chair and moans "I'm thristy! I want water!" so I ignore him and practice piano while listening to him moan for fifteen minutes of it. I finish playing, wake him up, bring him into the kitchen and give him a cup of water. he informs me that he wants petel soda and I tell him that it is. He's half asleep so he drinks the water and then we head over to the stairs singing "bedtime!" we get halfway up the stairs and the kid recognizes the dining room table, looks up at me and says, "Sammy! We forgot to eat dinner!"

Hinda said...

Talking to fish...Did you find Nemo? :)