Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"It Costs Nothing to Talk..."

The title of this post is the motto of the company that I work for.
I strongly disagree with it.

Quick summary of events:
- Got to work 20 minutes late.
- Stuck at the office until 7:20 because of the computer guys.
- Caught a bus to Givat Shmuel.
- Watched a movie, Met new people.
- Slept for almost three hours.
- Got up and got ready for Seminar.
- Grabbed a cab to the Hilton in Tel-Aviv.
- Stickered newspapers.
- Met the owners of the voices that I speak to on a daily basis.
- Had a REALLY good time.
- I even got to hear some of the speeches.

After the first half of the program we were informed that we could leave if we so desired.
It was only 14:15 so I was surprised - but I didn't mind in the least.
Before I knew it I was back in Jerusalem (you know, even though I can't stand cities - when it comes down to it - Jerusalem would have to be THE One that I could be happiest living in.)

It is 'alumnae' week at Afikei and this evening Rabbi Shuster is speaking. I don't know about what and I don't know where - but I know when...

I think me and my I-pod are gonna go for a quick trip out to Bayit Ve'gan.
Strictly for the purpose of -
Listen and Learn.

Then tonight - maybe I will sleep. It's been a while since I did that.

But first - POW WOW with Chava!!!


I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!! :)


debsy said...

Enjoy R' Shuster - very jealous!!!
Glad to hear seminar went so well!

Adina :) said...

Firstly, I wanted to tell you that even though I don't always post I always read you blog and I love it!

I feel connected and I love that feeling!

Secondly, Yay for the Seminar!!! :)

Thirdly, Really jealous of you and everyone else there at alumnae week and A-f-i-(I think we've gone crazy) k-e-i- (I KNOW we've gone crazy) T-o-r-a-h!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya and miss ya Lorelai!!!!!!