Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jaywalking and Romantic Notions...

It is so much fun to be a girl sometimes. On the other hand - sometimes it's just a pain. I mean, think of all the responsibilities - brush your hair, always look good, make-up, smile and look pretty.

Personally - brushing my hair makes it frizzy, I can't always look good because it seems impossible, I detest make-up and looking pretty is just hard for some people. The only thing that I can do is smile. Which I try to do - but sometimes my cheek muscles get tired.

I was very productive this morning - I did laundry, lounged and did nothing. Then I went to work. The walk was invigorating and the office was stuffy. It was quiet because a bunch of people aren't around this week. The funniest were my phone conversations with Udi.

Left on time and bussed home completely forgetting to pick up pitot on the way. My tongue is burnt (thanks to last night's stupidity) and so everything I eat tastes like dish-soap. Shosh dragged me next door to pay our va'ad bayit so that we don't get evicted from our apartment. Yes, Mr. Deutch still freaks me out - always has and always will. To make things even better - va'ad bayit was raised 50 shekel - so now we are paying 50 shekels more not to have heat and hot water. Isn't that just precious?

My MediaMess is resolving itself too slowly to be considered an acceptable time-frame. My scarf is not getting any longer. I still haven't finished Book 1. I Can't bring myself to be nice to Daddy on the phone. I Don't have a kender to shmooze with. I'm not happy with some of the decisions that I've made.

You know when there's a noise in the background that is so annoying that you try to block it out but it sticks with you and continues buzzing in your head and just doesn't let go or leave you alone? Yeah, I've got four of them going at once. (Not including all of my chaotic thoughts.)

I am undecided as to whether I am dreading or excited for Shabbos. On the one hand - there are exciting things to look forward to. On the other side - I'll have to be Home and sharing a room with Sammy and be in the same house as my family for the first time in three weeks.

*Sigh* - I think a Poe reading session is in order - with the music from the movie King Arthur playing softly in the background and a large number of candles flickering and casting long shadows on the walls. Now all I need to do is find somebody to read with. I'm still dreaming of pools of melted chocolate and all around sweetness - but something tells me that'll never happen. I think that I am resigned to that fact. But I can still dream.

Not to mention - my book is at Home...


Anonymous said...

If you want to have the Kender to talk you, you know the number or email address, or loads of other ways to get in touch. When ever you are ready to stop being so stubborn your kender is here. You know what needs to be said and kenders ALWAYS know the truth, so dont worry about hurting them, they know already and want you to enjoy a sense of freedom that you cant have until you let it all out and then listen and accept...

Lorelai said...

*ahem* - anonymous...

do me a favor.

if you ARE my kender - your grasp of the english language certainly is slipping more quickly than I ever would have imagined possible. Please e-mail me. I don't like this situation - but can think of no way to resolve it until I come Home and chances are things will only get worse anyway.

if you are NOT my kender - please shut the heck up because you have no idea what delicate balances you may be upsetting and how many things hang precariously in the balance.

This is a con - we're walking the razor's edge. On the one hand GOLD on the other painful and agonizing failure.

Remember Y'all - as Rabbi Loewy taught us in 10th grade math - never assume. It makes an ass of u and me.