Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Thinking, working out issues, DMCs, crying, laughing, remembering, hoping, dreaming, working...


Once I set my mind to a task - I can manage the unimaginable. I just wish it were easier to set my mind to tasks.

I went out with My Nuch (whom I love) this morning. We walking into town and did some shopping, went to get coffee, walked back to TM at which point Nuch got on her bus and I headed back out to work.

Work was work. As you all know - I HATE the post office. (Enough said, I think.) But the boss was nice and went easy on the work-load so that I could resolve the MediaMessMadness. (I tried - really I did. Scathing e-mails dripping with sarcasm and cynicism. I even sent them 'read receipt' so theoretically - I should know whether or not the people have read them.) Somehow I left only 10 minutes late but that didn't bother me so much today because it's the last Wednesday of the month which means that tomorrow is the last Thursday of the month which means - it's officially 'the weekend' for me (though I do have Anatomy and Physio tomorrow...)

My Kender DOES love me. (Not that I thought that she didn't. I just wasn't sure what her feelings were. But, she has made them clear as Shayla's wings to me and so I can be content.)

And a last random thought for today:

Early this afternoon on my adventures with Nuch I stumbled across a beautiful thing - as gray as the storm clouds in the sky but tinged with just the perfect hint of purpley-blue. I was entranced and enthralled. I just couldn't stop staring. But then I was caught - a shy smile and a wink were all I got but that was enough to lift my spirits.

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Anonymous said...

well, u r pretty cute, so it stands to reason.