Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lack of Oxygen and A Rush of Blood to the Heart

I couldn't get out of bed this morning. It was just too cold. As I lay in my bed staring at the wall I started thinking. Suddenly I had a premonition and knew that today was going to take some unexpected turns.

This morning I sat through 4 hours of Dr. Dror and talking about the Heart.

It's an amazing muscle, really it is. But how is it possible for people to be so thick?

For Example:
Student: "Ummm, I don't understand - how does the blood get oxygenated?"
Teacher: "In the lungs."
Student: "But how does it get there?"
Teacher: "It gets pushed by the pressure of the heartbeat..."
Student: "So if the blood is going around anyway - why does it have to stop in the lungs?"
Teacher: "To get oxygenated."
Student: "But why does the blood need to be oxygenated?"

Does anyone else see the vicious cycle unfolding here? (Yeah, feel my pain - it was repeated a number of times.)

After class I headed to the office for three and a half hours of mind-numbing labor. Thank goodness they pay me (though seemingly not enough.) I was given 12 things to type, 4 things to do and then was sent out on an errand that ANYBODY could have been sent on - but because nobody else was willing to go out in the rain the job fell to me.

As much as I love my job, it really is a pain sometimes. You see, I'm the 2nd to youngest in the office and there are only 2 girls who aren't married. Unfortunately, the other unmarried girl is older than me and the girl who is younger than me is married so somehow - I am the one who gets to take all the blame and gets given a hard time and reprimanded when things go wrong or don't get done. (How is this fair? I don't know.)

Somehow for the second night in a row my plans fell through. I wound up leaving the office without finishing all of my work and with the tears in my eyes threatening to spill over. I missed three busses and then finally caught one to TM where I picked up two of my errant siblings and escorted them back to my apartment. Nuch was there waiting for us and my parents showed up bearing gifts (namely dinner and a show) and then left.

Now I'm sitting and contemplating again. Today certainly was an interesting day.

b"H the week is over. Tomorrow night is Shabbos and with that comes peace and tranquility. A day to enjoy and be happy - I love Shabbos. No time wasted thinking dark and brooding thoughts - just 25 hours of serenity.

I can't wait.


debsy said...

i assume that means u worked shabbos plans out!

Sassy Madricha said...

Oooh, I love the heart. One of my life ambition's is to become a pediatric cardiac surgeon, but if that doesn't work out I'll do pediatric neurosurgery instead. I hear it is less intense.

*sigh*, why did I have to be born a girl??