Wednesday, January 04, 2006

L'chaim, Dropped Sitches and Found Blogs...

Yoiks! Dear earthlings and Loyal Readers - I fear Ze' Blog has been discovered by those who shun the mere existence of it and it's kind. They simply do not understand the irrational reasons that make it rational to keep one.

Today - Yes, about today...

Woke up EARLY (7:00) and got out of bed LATE (11:00) Shpatzired down Yafo to the shuk (for some Pitot) and then on to the office.

I had a 'Nightmare on Ben Yehuda Street' - (something about dropping off papers to be scanned and getting lost and being at work 20 minutes early and then losing an hour wandering around the back streets of Jerusalem.)

At the office I realized how BIG of a vicious circle I am stuck in. The three seemingly random projects that I have been working on for the last 3 months are actually all interconnected. Not only that, but there is no way to make any advances on two of them without the information from the first one. This would be okay except for the fact that the people who are supposed to be professional bussiness people are not doing their jobs and are not sending me the information that I need and as an indirect result I am holding up 60% of the activity in the office.

ARG! Of course I get the blame for all of this, because after all - it is 'MY' project.

I left the office late and walked back to the apartment.

I quickly changed into my 'party clothes' and headed out to catch a 21 to Bayit V'gan. I spent the ride shmoozing with Ariella and upon arriving at Afikei quickly headed down to the L'chaim that the girls had set-up for Miriam Madricha. Of course I got to see Sassy (I did a little jumping up and down thing and a little dance and lots of smiling...) And it was nice to see old friends. Dena (Levine) Adler was there and Mrs. Segal came too. I got to see two of the Segal girls and Alli of course. :)

After the party I made my way back to Kiryat Moshe and on the bus I encountered a mostly amusing sight. A guy (semi-pancake material but probably tooo young...) wearing an army green kippa with Tzahal written on it in both English and Hebrew - (a fact that makes the situation more nebachy than it was) - somehow or for some reason the thing was on inside-out or upside-down - however you want to phrase it. It was sad. Very sad.

Not much else to relate. I need to sleep, I need to do laundry, I need to do grocery shopping, I need to find out whether or not I am working on Thursday!

I have officially decided that there are toooo many things that I need and that I need to do.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment of me as I desperately try to get in touch with newspaper people and wrap up my BIG project. Along the way will be any number of exciting and intellectually stimulating phone calls and shouting matches as well as more than a few scathing e-mails.

Don't miss it...


Flying Disaster said...

I love your life- it keeps me so entertained. B"H i didn't get ur job, and lucky for you to as i would be a wreck. thanks for the 'mood' you were in tonight- the best man. love ya

Hinda said...

Awwwww...I miss people!
(That includes you)

Chavs said...

sounds like fun ;)

Sassy Madricha said...

I loved the reaction this time around Lori... keep it up!!

Adina :) said...

Afikeiiiiiiiiiiii I miss everyone!!!!!!!!

Ariella B said...

Oh hi ho...I was mentioned in YOUR BLOG! Now if you will just give me Sassy's infamouse blog URL I will be a happy camper. Will be checking in more often here, gives me a little taste of AT!

Love ya,