Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lori's Little Corner - How Can I Help You?

Woke up at 7:00 this morning and it was gray and dreary outside. I craved light and sweetness so I lit a vanilla scented candle and settled down with my book.

Like all good stories the plot was intricate and the characters ever-flowing and dynamic. The style was just right and the skill honed to a perfection of literary genius. The pages flowed and pulled me into the scene. Juliet Marillier is officially a highly recommended author in my humble opinion.

Sadly, I finished the book in five short hours and it was time to go to work.

I bussed there because as I mentioned earlier, the sky was menacing and the wind a stinging force to be reckoned with. I was not brave or fool-hardy enough to face it.

Five hours in the office flew by. So much to be done. Between Seminar rapidly approaching, a mailing to go out, dictation and typing for all three bosses and my own tri-intertwined projects there is never a dull moment or even any 'down-time.'

This week (tomorrow actually...) I will begin working the first 3 Thursdays each month from after class until 17:30. I can tell that by taking this step I am commiting myself to an even more hectic, stressed and tense life-style. In a way it is good. I need to be busy but I will now have NO free afternoons or evenings in the week. On the bright side - once a month I will be free and after Pesach (when anatomy ends) I will have a COMPLETELY free day once a month. Won't that be nice?

Hey, you know what I just realized as I stared forlornly at my calendar upon who's squares my ever-decreasing days of freedom are marked...

In 2006, June 29th is a Thursday. It also happens to be the last Thursday of the month.

That's something to look forward to... :)


Hinda said...

June 29...hmmmm...

That date sounds familiar...

Both of my birthdays fall out on Fridays this year (July 14th and July 22nd *cough cough*.) AND, YES, THAT IS SIGNIFICANT INFORMATION!


debsy said...

the first 3 thursdays lori???? i though it was only going to be 2 what happened???
but june 29th sounds like it's going to be fun! can i come join u celebrate?