Monday, January 02, 2006

Mangled Paper-Clips...

Aside from resolving to be happy and positive in was basically another one of those run of the mill days.
I woke up early and went to the bank to deposit my pay-check (hehehe) the machine didn't work, BUT I didn't fret I just got on line, smiled at the nice lady, told her what I needed to do and she did the rest (aside from signing my name.)
Class (A run through of EVERYTHING that we've done.)
Bussed to work (was running late.)
Worked and worked and managed to keep on top of things (more or less) and now for my amazing story of how smiling and being positive really does make a difference... I was sent down to the post-office. I had some 50 envelopes. When it was my turn I realized that I was going to have to go and deal with the lady who I have been warned is 'the witch of the post-office' (I always try to smile at her and when I went down the first few times with the person who was showing me what to do when you go to the post-office she was down-right mean to us - but I just smiled...) So, I stepped up to the counter (smiling, of course) and started telling her the whos, whats, to wheres and how manys - I had of everything. She weighed and counted out stamps and when it was time to fill out the check she told me the number and I wrote it down then realized that the check had NOT been signed by the Boss. Hmmm, quick thinking - call the office - "bring it back and we'll sign it." Ummm, duh? So, I ask the lady (who's name is Rikki) if she would mind putting my stuff on the side whilst I run up to the office. I was almost sure she would say no but instead she said "here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to take the check and enter all of the information into the computer. Meanwhile, you are going to sit down and put all of the stamps onto the envelopes. Then you will bring the envelopes to me and I will stick them in the mail. Then you will go up and get the check signed and bring it back down to me."
WOW!! Ok, I was REALLY not expecting that. So, I did what she told me - ran up and got the check signed then ran back down and gave it to her. When I handed it to her she smiled and laughed - "wow, you really did run, didn't you?"
"You Betcha!" I nodded the affirmative as I smiled my biggest smile and headed back up towards the office.

I walked back to the apartment. Made a 'real' dinner for me and Shosh. And that's basically all there is to tell.

Sammy and Mommy butchered my denim wrap skirt today.

And in response to a comment that was left on my blog anonymously pertaining to my comment on Saturday night about being lucky for not being in America -

Well, please allow me to elaborate...

I only meant that after living in the States for 18 years and then spending 2 years in seminary and being the thinking person that I am -

I understand that as bad as my problems may seem here, at least I am in Israel. To me Israel signifies - being 'in the zone.' For me connecting on a spiritual level with myself, with others and with The Big Guy Upstairs (who happens to be in charge and orchestrates everything that goes on down here...) is SOOOOO much easier in Israel.

Though it is possible to be engrossed in the 'shmutz' of the world (by which I mean; entertainment, celebrities, movie stars lives and gossip...) in Israel - It is also A LOT easier to stay away from such pointless things and pursuits. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE spending down-time with friends watching movies and I don't think I could make it through those seemingly endless bus-rides to and from Beit-Shemesh without Nickleback and Switchfoot on my I-pod nonetheless, in Israel it is much easier to retain a focus on the things in life which really matter. (Granted, you must be open to doing so. Like I said, you can spend your time at bars, clubs, and parties and never realize all of the things that you have.)

I know for a fact that were I living in America now that my two years of growth and all of the hard work that I did on myself would have been pointless. I would be comepletely engrossed in 'life' - and if things were not going well then I would surely react to the situation in a far more negative way.

Luckily, I am NOT in America. I am in Israel. I can connect, I can work on myself and I can grow and it is easier for me than say for friends that I have in Chutz La'aretz. I can say in all honesty that I appreciate that fact and I really do believe that being in and living in Israel makes THAT much of an impact on and difference in my life.

(Of course there are plenty of other reasons that I would rather be Here than there - but those are for another time...)

I hope that the explanation is satisfactory.


Yo' Meanma said...

I don't usually butcher things dear, I may "skin them alive", "chop their heads off" or "gut them" but butcher???

The skirt looks really cute and if you want a long one you can always borrow the one your little sister is wearing :)

adina :) said...

I think I'm gonna cry

I wanna be in Israel tooooooooooo!!!!!

And that story abut the power of smiling at others is so nice!!!

You know the song:
"Put on a happy face
spread sunshine all over the place
just put on a happy face" :)

Anonymous said...

o.k. now I understandd :)