Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Maybe I DO Read Too Much...

If you read this Blog merely as an amusing way to keep yourself updated with the goings-on of my humble and jumbled life - then tonight's entry is sure to either confound or disappoint you.

Ever have one of those days where everything is just going so normally, so on schedule, so extremely run-of-the-mill - that you never for one second imagine that something strage or out of the ordinary will happen?

Well - today was not one of those days.

Not that it was a regular day (because there is honestly no such thing) and personally, I'm always quite open-minded about the possibility of strange things happening. Just, stam.

As I've said before this is an outlet for some of my crazy ideas and sentiments to be expressed. With that fact firmly established you may read on...

Ever wonder when the day will come that you will suddenly find yourself somewhere 'impossible' - somewhere off the charts, unknown and unexplored by everything familiar to you?

Ever wonder when that warp will take place and your greatest adventure will begin - whether it be through a rabbit-hole, a wardrobe, a book or some random eclectic looking person who engages you in conversation.

Maybe your greatest adverture is trying to catch your attention but every time it tries to present itself - you turn a blind eye or are to scared to follow.

What happens if you hesitate? What if that one moment of indesicion strips from you the possiblity of great and unimaginable things ever happening?

Your story ended without so much as a glimpse into uncharted realms that most people fear to dream of.

You never know - maybe the next time a pay-phone rings on the street - you should pick it up. You never know who may be on the other end or what adventures may ensue.

And what if you walk past it - too scared to let yourself become entangled and ensnared or just not realizing what was going on - an opportunity missed - a path unexplored.

Is it true what they say?

"The biggest risk is not taking one..."


debsy said...

Did u fall out of bed this morning and hit your head? Or did you just read to many fantasies? Or maybe something happened ur not sharing with us - like you answering a ringing pay-phone?
hmmm not sure what to make of this but as u say - sketchy!

yo' meanma said...

I would say that this is very you!

so now that we are all waiting...

are you going to enlighten us or...

We love you in either case :)