Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Sad to be Segregated by Marital Status..."

Class this morning. No comment. Suffice it to say even Dr. Dror got ticked today.

Work was work. The same usual hustle and bustle and then some. I was informed that I MAY NOT under ANY circumstances go away for Pesach. Sadly, this means that I won't be having much Chol HaMoed fun time with my family (but it's ok, I don't think they want me anyway.)

I actually got out of the office on time and grabbed the first 21 out to Bayit V'egan. I had some time to stop by and chill with Sas before heading over to the school building.

R' Taub gave a very practical and poignant shmooze (as usual.) It was about the importance of feeling other's pain and about why it is so important to be sensitive to other's feelings. (I dunno, I feel like I can understand that.)
Best of all, I DID record it (my battery lasted.)
And yes, I was lucky enough to grab a front row seat. :)

Tomorrow is Erev Shabbos once again. We're going to be staying 'at home' and eating in Givat Shaul. It's going to be really nice.

Gotta go clean the house.



yo' meanma said...

We love spending time with you! why are you so anti us???:(

debsy said...

Don't worry, I'm coming to join you over Chol Hamoed, we'll have fun together!!
And i'm really not so sure about what u mean by feeling someone else's pain....;-) I really wanna hear it, sounds like it might be useful for me what do you think? Can you send it to me?