Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shabbat Parshat Vayechi - Chazak!!!

Shabbos in Arzei Habirah and Ma'alot Dafna.

I met the Wagner's (who Shosh works for), the Kurns (who have 3 adorable little girls) and MOST exciting of all - had lunch at the Mendelowitz's.

I LOVE Mrs. M. Even though I don't see her as much as I would like to - I am obsessed (not in a scary way ;) it's very natural because I mean - after all - she was one of THE best teacher's in Shana Bet!!! Not that the other teacher weren't good - she was just one of the 2 who presented challenges to my mind and she also taught in a style that really spoke to me.)

I was happy because I made it to Shul this morning - I was worried about missing Chazak - BUT, I made it.

Last night when we got back after the meal - the K's had 6 guys over. (This was exciting because it gave us a reason to go straight to sleep, and not shmooze into the wee hours of the morning with our hostess.) As I lay down I heard the guys begin to sing.

The last thing I heard were the words "Hamalach Hagoel Oti Mikol Ra..." being sung in complete harmony.

All in all - it was a wonderful Shabbos.

To my Dunce: Thank you for taking me with - I really do need to get out more... (I know, you are just going to thank me - but without you it would NOT have been possible.)

And so another week begins. This week's upcoming events include:
- Seminar
- Sleeping at Nuch
- Class Class and Class
- Finishing book 1 (which I didn't manage to do this week.)
and last but not least -
- Potentially painful decisions about my future... (see following comic strip.)
Wish me luck...

Shavua Tov!

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Flying Disaster/ Dunce said... i will thank you b/c had fun too and mad me feel more socialble as i usually go by myself for shabbos- u see i'm a loner ;). Happy u njoyed urself. next- the comic seems like u want to commit suicide man- i mean if u do who will live with me- on the other hand can i keep ur stuff? love ya- hope all works out- u know i'm here for u

debsy said...

and erica's coming don't forget that one!

Sassy Madricha said...

I'm sooo jealous!! I love Mrs. M too and I never ever get a chance to see her. It's so unfair! And you never want to spend Shabbos with me, why is Shosh so special?

I miss ya and want to be included in the weeks plans. Are you free possibly Thursday evening for supper or something?

Lorelai said...

Dearest Sas -

I would love to spend a Shabbos with you. I will let you know when the next time I'm not going Home is. (Proviso is - YOU need to choose where we are going and make ALL of the phone calls. hehehe... That is my rule.)

Shosh is SO special because she's Shosh. She knows why I think that and that is what is important.

I'd love for you to be included in this weeks plans! Let's shmooze!! (but not while I'm at work because then I can't concentrate and I get in trouble...)


Lorelai said...

Dear Debs,

I know Erica is coming - but it makes me sad that I can't spend time with her the first night that she is here because I have to be in Tel-Aviv for my thankless bosses.

I really am EXTREMELY excited and you know she'll get her shining moment in my post tomorrow!!! Because I really do love her.

Incidentally, I love you too. Thanks for everything and I hope we can team up again sometime soon to save the world. (it'll give me another excuse to wear my cape... ;) teeheehee!)

Lorelai said...

To My Dunce -

I love you!!!


debsy said...

that was actually going to be my next comment last night after you said we should wait together - i was going to say - like we're going to save the world together -only u made some excuse about going to bed early (for all those reading this it was about 3 in the morning for lori!) so after our 10 line goodbye i decided not to write it! maybe i should have!