Saturday, January 28, 2006

Shy and Outgoing - Am I an Enigma?

Well - Shabbos at Home was not as bad as I had anticipated.

Friday night I managed to return the book, take a loooong walk, temporarily stop thinking, enjoy myself, walk in both the rain and the mud and I even got to sleep (for a few hours anyway.)

Shabbos Day I woke up in time for shul (though I didn't wake Freddie), there was a kiddush at which I managed to get a cup-cake (Even though Yitzy didn't want to let me have one...), Lunch with the Buckman's wasn't bad at all (actually - it was quite enjoyable), I read (but soon fell asleep - "cutefully, with the book still open..."), Guess that means I slept too...

Today I took a further step in the attempt to solidify a friendship with somebody. I finally got up off my lazy tush and got over my pathetic stuck-up shyness and went over to her house. At first it was really strange but I decided "it's now or never" and so I went straight past 'normal' and into "Lori Mode" - Some people seem to warm up to that for some reason. I had her laughing hysterically in no time - whether it was because I was losing so badly at Rummikub or because of the ten minute lecture I gave her younger brother about the importance of naming each and every stuffed animal - suffice it to say, soon things were going really well. We decided to play cards and after finding a full deck we decided on 'Spit' (a game I have not played in QUITE a while.) Anywho, the two of us were pretty evenly matched and were having a great time but after our third game (which took a good estimated 13-15 rounds) her father came home and made havdala and shabbos was over.

I walked Home and tried to figure out what to do.

First Mommy cut my hair (I was going to go crazy and cut it till my shoulders but Mommy wouldn't do it - so only a little over 2 inches came off.) Then Brenda made calzones and our last stop of the evening was at Saba and Savta's house. I got sheets for the apartment (which is very exciting) and two 'scuzzy' snow-globes (but I love them anyway.)

I also scored some pink bags (with quite the sketchy history) and a glass container (which hopefully won't leak) for my massage oil.

Back on the ranch I tried to clean up all of my stuff from all over the house. I packed my bag and did this. I even remembered to take out my contacts.

Seeing as it's already 12:45am on Sunday and I need to make an early bus into the city (and I have school and work tomorrow) I'm thinking I REALLY need to go to sleep.

Class tomorrow and I didn't cut my nails.
Maybe she won't notice...


yo' meanma said...

If the truth be told... I hate giving hair cuts (snip snip snip)
If you really want it shorter we can discuss, ok?

debsy said...

i hope for ur sake she doesn't notice ur nails!!