Sunday, January 08, 2006

Spiral Nightmares and Saving the Day...

I woke up at 5:30 this morning.
I took the bus into Jerusalem this morning.
I went to class this morning.
and then...
I went to work.

The office was strangely silent. I mean, everyone was busy and doing stuff and the phones were ringing off of the hook but it all seemed VERY subdued.

I worked a little on my tri-project and then got dictations to type and things to do. I am excited to announce that I spoke to the headest-boss and to Menuch and now have plans for Erev-Seminar. YAY!

At the end of the day - my eclectic talents and imagination proved themselves once again and helped to 'save the day' - (or to save the Tnuva booklets anyway.) The 178 page, spiral bound booklets that we had bound and picked up 'Dachuf' from the shop were out of order. The first chapter was lost somewhere in the last 1/4 of the book. So, I with my nimble fingers sat down and carefully unbound, re-ordered, and then re-assembled all of the booklets. Granted this caused me to stay at the office an extra 45 minutes, and caused me to walk home in the 'pre-rain' drizzle but you know what - having my boss in my debt and the added bonus of the fact that the boss agreed to let us order dinner to break our fasts on Tuesday night made it worth my while.

Shosh made dinner (yummy veggies and rice) and I am doing a good job of eating it whilst I type this up.

Outside a storm rages - but inside the heat is on (for once, and probably not for much longer...) and it is dry (at least until I spill another cup of water on the floor.)

My 10 goals for the rest of the week are as follow:
1. Go grocery shopping.
2. Clean my room.
3. Re-figure my salary (need my boss for this one. Hmmmm...)
4. Finish sending scathing e-mails.
5. Finalize Shabbat plans for this week (remind Shosh to...)
6. Finalize Shabbat plans for next week (am I really gonna do this?)
7. Finish Book 1 (at least.)
8. Figure out what to wear to the Seminar.
9. Eat a chicken soup.
10. Sit ups. Nuff' said.

Today I felt useful and needed.

I wish I felt like that more often.

It's nice to know you make a difference and are needed and appreciated.

It's a good feeling.

You know - all warm and fuzzy inside.


Chavs said...

Lori! You are always appreciated! I know, sometimes you just want to be reminded how great you relly are! ;) Miss you and I cant wait to see you soon!!!!:D

da'kender said...

Hey sister dear! I'm so glad that you are so busy. You really should stay that way, because I have noticed that us Pollys are happiest when very busy. Thank you for the Egozi this morning- it gave me a power surge and I did 24 pushups!!!! Hehehe!!! ok, nuff said for now! as always, the little annoying nimble fingered kenderkin...

Anonymous said...

Lori you're always needed!!! Where would i be without my nightly dose of laughter from your blog, your helpful and encouraging e-mails and daily chats via IM? Nuff said i think!!