Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tedious Repetitions...

Well, I think I woke up at 5. Or maybe Sammy woke up at 5. I'm not sure -but the alarm-clock definitely started ringing somewhere in the vicinity of 5. If I was awake then I fell asleep again. If I was still asleep then I dreamt that I was awake and that I fell back to sleep. Suffice it to say - at 7:30 I opened my eyes and upon realizing what time it was I jumped out of bed (it really would have made R' Taub proud) and managed to be packed and ready to leave the house in just 20 minutes. Heading out the door to get to the bus-stop I grabbed a 'tremp' with some guy in a white van. Though we were delayed because his phone was ringing and he was trying (hopelessly) to get it out of his pocket. Thankfully I made my bus.

Back in Jeru I trudged up to the 'no-flying-zone' and unpacked and repacked and ate half of a box of PBCC.

Class was ridiculous. Either I had MAJOR 'shpilkas' or the class was REALLY boring. Or maybe - I couldn't sit still and class really was extremly boring. Either way, I couldn't wait to get out of there.

I headed STRAIGHT out to work. The office was quiet (which I thought would be great...) I figured I could make all those phone calls and finish cleaning up my 'mess' and that everything would be... Ummm, WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY REMIND ME THAT TODAY IS SUNDAY???? (Meaning, nobody in America is in their offices - so even if I were to call them, there would be nobody there to answer the fashtunkenah phones!!!!!!)

Due to the fact that I finished everything that I could finish by 17:00 (12 hours after the alarm-clock rang...) I was bored silly. I tried staring off into space - but space got boring. I tried playing solitaire - but I couldn't win. I tried to file - but I didn't know where the papers went. I tried to re-organize the drawers - but realized that it's pointless and hopeless.

Finally it was 19:00 and I was FREE. Somehow - I managed to leave the office, walk all the way to Zol L'mehadrin, do shopping (for our special Rosh Chodesh dinner) and get back to my apartment in about 32 minutes. I think that's pretty impressive. I even managed to do it without knocking over the old ladies who got in my way.

Tonight I MUST get sleep. My eyes are swollen with exhaustion and the sheer energy required to keep me awake is in short supply. In addition, my fingers are so cold that I can't really explain how they feel because they are totally numb.

Ever get into one of those daydreamy moods where all you can imagine is when spring will come again and you can run outside barefoot in the grass and go on picnics and spend time enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face and the scent of flowers perfumes the air. A time when it's almost impossible not to smile because everything is so good.

Pesach is coming.
*dreamy little sigh*
I can't wait...


Flying Disaster said...

I agree with thye class thing....some people are so slow, and they somehow seem to land up in our class- lucky us. thanks for the supper- was so good. can't go to sleep until we practice massage or else......

debsy said...

Trust me i have a few in my class too!!
And Lorers - i can't wait for Pesach either!!!Cause I get to be in Israel and see u! yippee

Sassy Madricha said...

Now I know why you called me at 5pm last night... You had nothing else to do!! JK!

And P.S. Lori darling, Pesach isn't for more than two months.

debsy said...

Sassy - it is in just over 2 months - don't u understand how soon that is!! Its 10 weeks away!!!