Monday, January 30, 2006

"They Make Cages in All Shapes and Sizes..."

It was soooo cold this morning that I couldn't drag myself out of bed. Me and Toffee were snuggled warmly under the quilts and the sky was gray (well, it was from the angle I was looking at it from...)

With 15 minutes to class I jumped out of bed and did a real 'seminary/high school' dressing (rememeber those days?) Long denim skirt and big over-comfy sweatshirt. Yeah, so basically looking like a wreck (which is more my style as you all know) I headed out to class.

We learned a second 'shita' for arms and Ruchama worked out all the kinks and knots in my biceps and triceps. (Granted, I didn't know they were there until she started working - but after about 2 minutes I was ready to scream in pain.)

After class I headed out to work. The office was a mess. Thankfully the head boss was sooo jetlagged that he wasn't in the mood to work on my 'project' (so explaining the 'mess' got postponed until tomorrow.) Thankfully, I received 3 e-mail responses and am hopeful that more will come in tonight.

A little before 19:00 I got a call, "wanna come to the N'shei play?"

"Ummm, sure!" I answered gleefully.

(granted the circumstances under which I was invited were not happy - but I was glad for the oppurtunity.)

Basically the play was a really cute version of "Mary Poppins" (but with a Yiddishe Twist.)

After the play we walked back to the Ranch and sat down to chill (or thaw as the case may be.)

I am compulsively ingesting large quantities of PBCC and am thinking that I should probably go Home for Shabbos so that Daddy can buy me a new box of the addictive stuff.

Oh yeah - and my Freddie must be affecting me because why else would I be craving Turkey Sandwiches at midnight?

Shosh wanted me to put some heat-rub on her sore muscle, and I (being the great friend I am...) obliged. Now however, I am realizing that even after two washings my hands still smell like the stuff.

Yum - toothpaste scented.

*sigh* Those were the days...

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