Sunday, January 15, 2006

To Eat and Yet Starve to Death...

And now for the latest post on my - "cutely self-indulgent" Blog.

Well, as you know - it is/was Sunday today.

I got to class late because the building I live in unofficially has no hot water again.

I walked to work - and tried (unsuccessfully) to extend a 15 minute walk into a 45 minute walk.

Last day of Seminar Prep. Met Ayala. Filed. Laughed and basically managed to amuse everybody. (Yes, even the UPS guy. He hasn't come for a while - so we made it up to him, he was laughing so hard - he was crying. Then again - maybe he was really crying...)

We got a new 'paper-stacker-organizer' thingy and each of the four AdMins - got a drawer. I put a smiley face next to my name and now I just have to sit tight until people notice and comment (which they are bound to do)...

I walked back from work too (because it was clear and COLD out.) I savored the smell of the bus fumes and the general stink of the city and finally (after walking the long way around because the municipality decided to put up fences to prevent jaywalkers (like myself) from trying to 'cut corners') I made it back to my apartment.

In the mailbox was an interesting thing. A notice from the 'Va'ad Bayit' - it gives a full run-down on expenses and what the building has been paying vs. what it needs to be paying.

I think they've raised our va'ad bayit. (We pay how much for no heat or hot water? Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?.)

I think I shall go and discuss this with our neighbor - Mr. (frightfully freaky and somewhat scary) Deutsch.

A general announcement for all those concerned - My father does not want any more strays on our front porch. (Why do I feel like it would be okay for anyone but me?)

Alas, I hope Sassy has some GOOD news for me SOON!!! I can't bear the suspense. ;) Oh yeah, and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! (Don't worry it's all hush-hush... hehehe! So, if you don't know what this is about - deal with it and if it ever works out - you will know when the time comes.)

What I wouldn't give for a chance to change - "Yesterday..."


debsy said...

oh lori!!!!!!!!

yo' meanma said...

just remember things eventually work out the way they should, though sometimes the derech there seems pretty crummy.

We really do love you even if we give you a hard time every so often :)