Monday, January 23, 2006

Wait-Wait!! Resnap...

At least we learned something new in class today. I mean, it was so bad that I spent the first two hours knitting furiously (at least my scarf is moving along) but we made it through the entire 'arm' page. Now I know (in theory) how to massage the arms.

I walked to work because it was nice out again. Seeing as the Big Bosses are out of town it was relatively quiet. I sent flaming e-mails to a number of people at a number of newspapers, spoke to people in Prague and desperately attempted to extract information from people who are as talented at avoiding questions as I am at asking them.

I left the office on time and since it was clear-crisp and cool out I decided to walk home too. On the way I ran into the second 'random' person for the week. Sariel on R'chov Yafo - who woulda thunk?

Back at the ranch Sassy was waiting for me. We DMCed, Laughed, Giggled, Ate a little (it was a little right?) popcorn and just did what we always do.

Popcorn - it's almost better than chocolate. Actually, the best would have to be popcorn drizzled with chocolate. *sigh* yum. There's an idea for dessert for shabbos. :) The list thus far for things to bake Thursday night includes; rum n' spice cookies, chocolate chip cookies and now - chocolate covered popcorn.

Tomorrow maybe I will go on a 'shopping spree' (not that I want to) but it's either get a new skirt that fits or learn how to take darts so that I can keep wearing the one's that I have.

My Nuch is coming tomorrow night! It's gonna be crazy!

But for now - Me and Sas and Shosh!!

It's Party Time!!

(On the bright side - we have concluded - what they don't know they can't forbid.)


Sassy Madricha said...

I thought you were going to tell everyone about my onesie!!

Flying Disaster said...

well now that i've pulled out the chocolate chips, you can drizzle it on the popcorn...well my head is pounding and was headed for bed 45 min ago....

debsy said...

who was the first random person u bumped into?
oh and mrs hamer and i were talk ing about ur rum and spice cookies and bow good they were on shabbos.

yo' meanma said...