Monday, January 16, 2006


Ok, so here's the basic run-down...

I'm late for class and I'm updating this.

-movies/parties/fun fun fun
-sleep (I hope.)

Tomorrow is Seminar.

It is almost over.

Chava - WELCOME TO OUR HUMBLE ABODE!!! I can't wait to see you!! Feel free to take care of the little guys in my room (who I had to leave all alone in order to go to Tel-Aviv! Arg!!)

No updates tonight - but get ready for tomorrow night's thrilling summary of "Conquering the World - at Seminar..."

*sigh* -Debs, whaddaya reckon? Should I bring sunglasses? It's going to be such a headache. Two-hundred and fifty people to be nice to. Two-hundred and fifty different colors. WAH!!!

Maybe I SHOULD bring the advil with me (yes you devious trouble-maker - the new bottle.) :)

p.s. - I am frustrated with anonymous comments. Just, in case you were wondering...

1 comment:

debsy said...

yeah sounds like glasses are a good plan!!! Does this mean u couldn't find anything poetic to write about annonymous comments - you didn't like any of my quotes??? ;-)
Enjoy can't wait to hear all about it!