Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Well, Eleven Hours had Passed and Then...

Clowns? Ummm, s'cuse me... I'm a little confused.

The office was quiet(ish) which allowed me to file some more. Somebody made the intelligent observation that not a day goes by without filing.

I have an appointment (finally) so I can go and get new contacts. I am so excited!! My glasses (though comfortable) are annoying to wear when it rains. I always end up dreaming of a useful little gadget that would be like 'wind-shield-wipers' but for glasses. On second thought - it's good when it rains - at least my glasses get cleaned...

Now that the girls at the office know about my blog I guess I can start leaving them cryptic messages too. :)

For tonight all I have to say is Refuah Shleima Raizy!!! I really hope you feel better quick! (And don't leave me all alone to do all of the work for 'the boss' for too long... (How did you ever manage on your own?)

Tomorrow night - Rabbi Taub at Afikei. You know where I'll be... Front row ALL the way! I'd better get there early! :) I'm SOOOOOOO Excited!!!!!! (Can you tell?)


debsy said...

And I'm SOOOOOOO Jealous (Can you tell?)

Miryam said...

Rabbi Taub!?!?!?

No fair! Please, dearest Lori, send my regards to him. It feels like I haven't spoken to him in a year (well, almost).

Enjoy it, tape it and then make it available on your blog (if it's even possible).

Love you and miss you!!

ur annoying little sisster said...

hi sisster!!
have u by any chance seen my gloves? the 1 with the pompoms? if ya find um can u bring um home for me (even though i'm home sick and missin the 2 day of school hehehe) love ya cant wait to see ya

luv brenda
(ur annoying little sisster)

Anonymous said...

hey, who told u i found out??? u're an awesome blogger, figured i can learn something, i am feeling wayyyyyyy better but shhhhh......... what did i have anyway? i think we can define it as a nervous breakdown (maybe from "the boss"- BEWARE!) Shabbat shalom, hope next thursday will be easier for u, oh right u aint working!!!!!!

Sassy Madricha said...

Well, I guess that means you are coming.

Can't wait to see you then!

Luv, me

Adina :) said...

I second what Deb said (that rhymes :])


and if is at all possible to do what Mir suggested that would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E AWESOME AWESOME TOTALLY (does that bring bacl any camp memories for anyone or what!)

ttfn ;)

Hinda said...

Rabbi Taub. That's all I have to say.