Friday, February 24, 2006

Ba-da-bing Ba-da-boom...

Ok, it's erev Shabbos.

Last night was novel. Watched 'Saved by the Bell - Hawaiin Style' and laughed - a lot. They actually thought they were cool! HA! What's even funnier to realize is that - that WAS what was cool at the time.

Societal Norms and trends. I shall never understand them.

Woke up this morning to the smell of freshly percolated hazelnut coffee. Watched chocolate chip cookies be made then decided to whip up a batch of cinnamon snail cookie dough.

The dough is currently chilling in the fridge - because they tray is in use...

I think I can afford the extra time to shape them - because the only other thing I have to do before it's time to light is to put up the soup to cook. However, we need some potatoes before I can do that.

And so it goes...

Things will be ok. I am convinced. Thanks to all of you out there who helped me through my crisis yesterday (Siblings and all...)

Love you all!

Yes, I'm feeling sentimental. Can you tell?

Maybe I'll even get some pancakes this weekend - who knows?


Nootch said...

Yes, I can tell. :-P
luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flying Disaster said...

Am i a Sibling or an all??? or did i just not help. wow a geshmachta sleep last night. Good luck with all and enjoy the cookies- and the rest of the food too. Good shabbos. Missing ya

debsy said...

She had the baby, she had the baby!!! OK so your sentimental and i'm hyper and very excited! All i can say is b'H it was a week later - can u imagine what i'd have been like if she'd had it at the beginning of the week!!! Hope u have/had a good shabbos and things went ok! have a great one!

Adina :) said...

Mazal Tov!!!!

Are you talking about mrs. Hamer???
If you are then YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
I hope you all had/have/having (so many time zones, so little time) a great shabbat!!!
luv y'all
I love lori snail cookies!!!!!yummy in my tummy!

Chavs said...

I know exactly which episodes you are talking about! I know, I need a life...