Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Do Boneless Chickens Lay Scrambled Eggs?

I started the morning on a good foot. I actually got out to the bank and deposited my pay-check (it's nice to work and have money. Though, I must admit it's even nicer to have a job that you enjoy and make money!) After the bank I met up with Nootch and S.H. and we headed over to TM for a quick shopping spree and to eat cookies (that contained 2 bags of chocolate chips...) Yes, they were good!! Then I waited in the sunshine outside for Shosh to come down so that we could head out to Zol Po to do our monthly 'stock-up' shopping. Somehow between our two backpacks and our strong arm muscles we managed to shlep everything back to the ranch.

I then had a quick convo with someone who needed more time and attention than I could spare and headed out to work.

Got there right on time and went straight out to the post-office (at least I didn't mess up too badly this this time...) Back upstairs things went on as usual (more binder cleaning and the like...)

I managed to leave on time and headed into Geulah to pick up some grub. Upon purchasing two felafels and some BIG yummy bakery cookies I headed to the 'meeting spot' to have dinner and a shmooze with my Freddie. She was waaaay north in Tzfat and had a great time! We concluded that "messy yet cute put-togetherness" is a Polly-talent and that we don't know how we do it - we just do.

In addition, Shosh and I managed to shteig on a TUESDAY!!!

I then had an interesting conversation with Brenda. It went something along the lines of:

hobbits93: []]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]pick a card any card
hobbits93: I pick that one []
hobbits93: the 8 of clubs
curlygurl1985: how did you know?
hobbits93: I just did.

The girl really has talent. Either that or she's just a Polly (which in itself is something quite unique if you think about it...)

What else - well, there was the baking lesson which entailed the differences between baking SODA and baking POWDER. In layman's terms - NO!! They are NOT the same thing!!!

There was the sad 'good-bye' to a friend who is going far far away for a few weeks.

The never-ending pile of back-logged dishes grew again.

I watered the plants (though I doubt it will help.)

In the morning I will be going with Sammy to NBN and hopefully I will get around to cleaning my room up a bit.

I have plans for the last Shabbos in February and it is going to be AMAZING!

Now all I have to do is figure out how to woo the guy and things will be great.

Oh yeah, before I do the 'woo-ing' - I should probably find a guy...


debsy said...

do the plans include a flight to england on the thursday and back to israel on motzash and seeing me in between?? because if not i'm offeneded u didn't take up my offer! ;-)

Lorelai said...

Debs, I wish they did - but sadly, bus fare to Givat Shmuel is about the max. I can spend for a Shabbos trip...