Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fairy Tales in my Blood?...

Class this morning was a continuation of the digestive system. First of all, let me state again my pure and unadulterated impatience of stupid people. I fear that though I have tried numerous times to be more patient and understanding - I have failed. I simply can not deal with people who are to dense to look at the hand-out that they have just been given to find the correct spelling of the organ that we are studying - and so insist on disrupting class numerous times in order to ask the same pointless question of how to spell something that we were specifically informed that we do NOT need to know. Then, to top it all off after a good forty-five minutes of hearing "personal experience" stories about people's colon-hydro-therapy sessions I was ready to get out of there.

I walked to work and got there early, so I sat down and studied a little bit about the human eye before I actually started working. I managed to accomplish a lot. Actually, I finished almost everything that I had to do - though I didn't do everybody else's work (and if they were annoyed, then so be it. I might be the 'new girl' and I might be nice enough to try to be helpful when I can be - but there is a line between being nice and being walked all over. And I certainly have NO intention of being stepped on.)

Caught the bus Home - though the security guy was a jerk. Saw the english Hamodia and still didn't say anything - Can I get any more pathetic?!?!

Made Freddie a hot cocoa and helped the Dibble talk to Shosh.

We need to make cookies to take with us to the neighbors when we go for a meal on Shabbos. I wonder what kind we're going to make. I'd love to make cutout cookies and then frost them but they are so time consuming.

I brought 'Boggle' Home with me and am hoping that I can convince somebody to play with me - though my hopes are not high. (If I were in Jeru I know Shosh would play - but I don't have anybody to rely on when I'm far away in Bet Shemesh.)

I'm hoping certain people will be around for Shabbos. I mean, not that it makes such a difference - they don't really talk to me anyway.

I guess I should just resign myself to the fact that my 'life' is no longer with my family and in the neighborhood that I call 'Home' - I seem to have moved on somehow and at some point - though I don't know when.

But the real question is where exactly did I move to...


Flying Disaster said...

i have to agree that when certain people aren't in class we seem to get much further. poor Dr. Dror he was about to explode- how does he ever survive. why does clock work keep coming up in diff classes. well atleast i learnt today what thw actual halacha of basar and chalav applies.
Don't let them step on you it's not worth it.
the convo with the dibble was fun- truly enjoyed.
don't forget to bring me some cookies- maybe we can fit them in the freezer-Ha
Hope u find some1 to play boggle with and don't forget to bring it back...then we can play in class again for some intellectual stimulation.
Miss you tons and have a great shabbos...Don't worry you can come back there is no more cleaning for you to do ;).
well relaxing time- going to go the paper- i got it before the old man. yay

Chavs said...

Are you homeless like me too?!?!