Sunday, February 26, 2006

Gunk, Goop & GobbledyGook.

When I woke up this morning all I really wanted to do was go back to sleep. Usually I am not like that - but for some reason I couldn't bear the thought of getting out of bed. I wasn't even warm and cozy - I just REALLY wasn't in the mood to move.

After riding the elevator three times (because I forgot my wallet and had to go back for it) We headed to class. Started the lymph system. I had my first taste of 'synergy' - I think it'll be a while before I touch the vile stuff again.

After class I decided to go back to the apartment to drop off my school-books. I noticed a missed call from Freddie. So I called her her and as it turned out she was sitting in my apartment typing a note to me on my own computer.

A few quick excepts from the letter...

"So I call you and call you and call you and you just don’t answer. Therefore I am raiding your apartment in protest and leaving presents ALL over the place. Just like the cats do, at home. But my presents are actually wanted. There is the big difference! "

"And then he showed up, I saved it. And there was much rejoicing."

"You just called me and I said hello. And you said hello back. And then I said, hey! That’s weird usually when I talk to you You're in your apartment and I’m somewhere else."

And the funny comment that made my day - "It was funny seeing you this morning crossing the street. I only recognized Shoshana at first. You are getting so skinny I didn’t see…"

Anywho to sum up my 'work-experience' of the day - well, have I ever mentioned how much I love doing other people's garbage and being treated like a two year old?!? Hello!!! I'm smarter than you so just do me a favor so I can save my precious advil and SHUT UP!!!

Back on the ranch - Little Rottenberg came over to check out the toilet situation. He seemed shocked but I didn't exactly know what to tell him. "Yeah, it just happened." (Which sadly enough is actually the truth.)

I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Daddy. Mommy is still in Merry Ca, but she is coming back on Thursday. Today was Jewish Women's Day in Manalapan. I wonder how it went. Supposedly Mommy was going to be MCing, so I'm sure it was amusing. Even better - she was supposed to be spending the day with the not-shayach-original-pancake-of-my-dreams. Hehehe, wonder how that went too...

Tonight was pretty productive. I played Boggle with Shosh and am planning on going to sleep in the very near future. I feel all funny and am thinking a regimen of Sudafed like Daddy suggested is probably a good idea. But, I'm too lazy to remember to keep taking it. I guess I should just pray that my sinus infection doesn't get any worse.

Tomorrow is Monday. All I have to say about that is that Garfield was really onto something with his Monday vendetta. It's true. If one day of the week is out to get me - it's probably Monday.

Well, at least I feel industrious.

Who knows - maybe tomorrow I will even get the chance to go shopping.

Won't that be nice?...

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debsy said...

I didn't know she was in America!!! I feel like i haven't realy been in touch with for ages!!! its only been a week really but still!!!
Wow u mean that all happened a week ago already??? how time flies!!