Monday, February 20, 2006

...Hyper on Yafo...Again...

Ok, the nightmares are disturbing but I will not let death deter me from living...

Class was interesting. Stupid people are stupid and that is all there is to say. Luckily, I was able to swing it that I was worked on, didn't have to work AND even left class half an hour early.

Work was the usual. I went to the post office and did a bunch of important little things that were so small that they won't be noticed - but I DID do them. The boss left for chu"l so I got to leave an hour early.

Met up with my Nootch. We headed out for some coffe - a look in the mirror - a shmooze about the stupidity level of boys in general - a trip to the bakery - grocery shopping and all around insanity in Jerusalem. I think that our hyper hystericalness might've frightened the locals. But, we were having fun!!

Since Shosh isn't home till Thursday night (at which point I leave for my trip to Bar-Ilan-Land...) I'm trying to make plans to keep myself occupied for the next few days.

So far I have tonight, tomorrow morning and Wednesday night taken care of.

Just Wednesday morning is free.

Anybody know of any available pancakes who would be interested in going out for a cup of coffee Wednesday morning?

If so - PLEASE send 'em my way!! :)

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Chavs said...

I'm not quite a pancake or anything, but I would love to meet you on Wed morning!