Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"I Have But One Belief..."

As Norton Juster said in his book, The Phantom Tollbooth - "It is more important to know whether there will be weather than what the weather will be..." It is so true. It's more important to know that tomorrow will come than to worry about the specifics of what will be going on tomorrow - especially when you have no control over the specifics.

It rained today. A lot. I went to the post office today. It was cold today. I used many post-it notes today. I got wet from walking in the rain today. I worked on my scarf today (though it is still not finished.) I snuggled with Toffee today. I got mail and messages from lots of my friends today. I did lauundry today. I ate Nootch's cookies today. I smiled today.

The day is over now. The sky is dark and soon tomorrow will be here.

Yet, there is still so much to do.

Gotta make dinner - Gotta shteig - Gotta clean my room for Shabbos - Gotta pack for the weekend...

How is it Wednesday already? Where did the week go? Have I used it well?

Time (which is available only in limited supply) once spent cannot be returned, exchanged nor refunded.

Scary thought, huh?


debsy said...

Tomorrow will come, B'H it always does! What it will hold? But One 'Person' can answer that, and only He will know whether the time that you've already spent was wasted or not. - Now that's a scary thought!

Miryam said...

"Have I used it well?"

Lori, you have done it again. Just when I thought my brain was going to melt due to atrophy, you started it up again.

Gosh that's a scary thought...

You've definitely given me something to ponder, though I promise not to try too hard to figure out the inner workings of the world.

Hope you're sleeping well!!

Sassy Madricha said...

I liked this post Lori...

Except it reminded me that it is already Thursday and I haven't yet done anything uselful this week.

Oh well.