Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Love Hand-Me-Ups...

Everybody should be proud of me. I managed to salvage two pairs of Eli's old pants from the G'mach pile and to even it out I got rid of a pair that I haven't worn in about three years.

I know it might not seem like much, but to somebody who appreciates comfort and sturdiness (yes, like a lobster.) I know these pant are gonna be perfect. Granted, I need to sew new buttons on but they are already broken in and they are lined, warm and ever so wonderful.

Shabbos was nice. No cakes of any sorts (aside from Mommy's marble concoction - which was really good.) Made it to shul on time. Raizi was over and she reminded me to smile because after all - if you don't have your sense of humor - you don't really have much. I saw Ora and slept on the hammock for the first time in ages. (I had almost forgotten how comfortable it is. I almost wish I had a hammock instead of a bed.)

We went out to neighbors for the Lunch-time seudah. Their kids are cute enough to eat and the parents are really nice. Somehow, I became a topic of discussion and now she's going to ask her cousin if he has any friends or something like that. Oh well, so much for the med student.

Motzash came too soon and I packed up all my stuff and headed out. Wound up on the bus with Raizi so we shmoozed until I put on my I-pod to listen to a shiur given by one of my favorite Rebbe'im.

Back in the apartment I decided to have melava malka. I put some 'spicy fries' into the oven and am currently waiting for them to cook.

I can't believe it's a new week already. The options are endless, the capacity is unlimited and there's no stopping the sunrise.

Ready or not world - HERE I COME!!!


Sassy Madricha said...

Sounds like you're in a good mood! I wish some of your positive-ness would wear off on me! I guess we just need to hang out more often Lolly...

I hope this week brings you fun and games!

Love, Sassy

debsy said...

Well i already have the feeling this week is going to bring me fun and games (first week back after a weeks break off school is always sure to be fun). and i totally agree i can't believe yet another week has come round! mind u its a week sooner till i come to visit. i told my mum this week i'm spending chol hamoed with you lorers - i'm not so sure she was too impressed - oh well never mind! i'm still coming!