Monday, February 27, 2006

I Still Want the Narnia Soundtrack...

Freddie was my alarm clock this morning, and it's a good thing she called me - cause I woulda slept right through class if she hadn't.

Class was interesting. I was able to work and not be worked on. We started a second shita for legs and I managed to get out on time.

Walked to work and stopped on the way at the shuk. It was a dirty endeavor (as usual) but I managed to get everything that I needed.

At the office things were CRAZY. One would think that things would be easier when one's boss was away - but to prevent me from being bored everybody decided to chip into the effort of keeping me busy. Upon entering the office I received a list of over seventeen things to 'get me started.'

I left the office with a prayer on my lips that I had finished all of my work.

On the way I stopped off to pick up fresh rolls from the bakery.

Sammy and Raizi are sleeping over tonight. Sammy got to the apartment early and put up a big pot of vegetable soup. In addition she stopped off to pick up my favoritest deli for sandwiches!
I can't believe that it's Rosh Chodesh Adar! Purim is in a couple of weeks and if that's the case then Pesach is really coming soon!!!

I am so excited!!

Ah yes, and rumors on the horizon of a talented and interesting pancake have reached my ears.

I wonder...


Sassy Madricha said...

Ummm Lori, a pancake?? A talented and interesting pancake? How could you never said anything until now?


So how was the veggie soup Sammy made? And the Rosh Chodesh deli sandwiches of course?

I miss you! Come visit!!

Love, Sassy

adina :) said...

Rosh Chodesh Adar... *sigh*
Remember shana alef when we had like two weeaks straight of shtick!
That was insane!!!!
Remember when we made R' Segal's office into a baby carriage and his head was in the stroller with a bonnet hahhahaha it still cracks me up!
I miss the good ole days when we were all together in Israel learning and having fun (in that order of course *wink wink nudge nudge*)