Friday, February 17, 2006

I Wanna Go Upside-Down...

This post is dedicated to a very close and very good friend who is on the other side of the world and that is by by definition - far far away from me.

We had two amazing years together (at least I think they were amazing...) In that time things were good, things were bad and some things were downright hilarious...

Remember the spring chicken, rummikub, the time difference with China, the 'boy' in our apartment, our bunkbed - with you on top and me on the bottom (I have that picture in my room and it never fails to make me smile), our rickety bunk-bed, fires, Teddy bears, omelettes, Marmite, music and sooo much more...???


(And by the way, thanks for the pictures...)
I Miss my RJ

One of these days - G-d willing, I am going to go to Australia.

It looks so pretty and I know it'll be amazing - cause YOU are there!!


(And say hi to CheliBeli for me. You know, from LollyPolly...) :)

Shabbos is coming...
Pray for fruitcakes, pancakes or what-you-will...


Flying Disaster said...

That was a great and well deserving ode..Great pics....i miss becca too...have a great shabbos!!!!!

debsy said...

Me toooo! Why can't we all be together again????

RebJay said...

Lolly Polly.... speechless again... I love ya soo much... i wish we could all be together again... i m iss you sooo sooo sooo much ... thanks a mill ... love the pic's huh!! Shmelli sayd Hi back to Lolly Pop...
Love ya Dude
Be in touch !!
Debs i also wish... belive it or not !

Adina said...

I'm on the verge of tears!!!!

You know when you feel that lump in your chest? I wanna see everybody, I wanna be in Israel with all of you again I feel so out of the loop and far away from you guys (Thats prob. bc I am across at least an ocean from you all) I'm Soooooooooo sad :..(

I love you and miss you all sooooooooo much!
B"H for blogs thats all I have to say! Its the only way I feel somewhat connected - Thank You!!!!

Miryam said...


I got the same lump in my chest, (I actually think it's in my heart...) and I too wish we could be together again.

The last time I saw someone from sem was by Rachel's wedding. How crazy is that!?!?!

I miss you all tons. Keep smiling until the next time we will see each other again, for I promise, when that does happen, there will be a flood of tears... (just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes)

Chavs said...

I can't tell you all how much each one of you means to me. Those tears that Miryam is talking about...yup, know them well! You are all so great and have taught me sooo much! I can't tell you how much you have all changed my life and helped me in so many ways.
Luv you all!!