Thursday, February 09, 2006

Like Saran Wrap - So Our Guts Don't Fall Out...

Yeah, class this morning was, well, I don't even know what to call it.

I did get a few interesting things out of it, such as;

"The movement is twisty, like the slide in the park..."


"The bones in your mouth are covered by your gums. These gums give cushioning for when you chew. So, because we have gums we can eat rocks."

Yeah, I wondered the same thing...

After class I headed to the office. Things were. That about sums it up. I got a new project to do, went to the post-office, tried to figure out how to make things that were not holey be holey (I figured out an alternate solution for this) and as usual, I amused myself.

I headed out to TM after escaping bedlam and met up with Eli. We caught the bus and were soon at Home.

Upon entering the house I was attacked by Dibble and Moonbeam who chased me aaaall the way upstairs and into the bathroom, where they kept me cornered in the dark. (Who was the genius who decided to put the light switches outside of the bathrooms?!?)

No plans for tonight and no plans for this weekend. Shani is Home (woohoo?) and aside from that not much is going on.

I can always dream, wish and hope that things that I can only imagine will happen.

But who am I kidding?

This is no fairy tale and I sure as heck am no princess.

Back to the reality of the situation - I feel like cinderella, always stuck with the dirty-work. I just wish I could do it all without complaining and with a positive attitude. But it's so hard sometimes. Just smiling and nodding and putting me on the side and doing for others. I dunno, do I even do that or do I spend all the time being selfish anyway?

This introspection thing is tough.

Though, I do still intend to change the world.


~{~~@ said...

Does that make her a step-sister, or am I in the wrong department??

Flying Disaster said...

what a fun filled life...what don't you chew rocks? by the actions of Dr. Dror's mouth movements it looks like he does, after that demonstration of chewing....and don't forget to chew 18 times before swallowing even if the bolus has disintigrated. As for changing the world i think i failed. there was some1 walking outside today who looked depressed and i was debating on going over to this stranger and asking if everything is ok- but i didn't, i chickened out. hope she's ok, looked kind of depressed. well the mouse as you ahve just called me is going to wash her supper dishes and then go sponja- i think i'm cinderella...
have a great shabbos...missing you

Chavs said...

You arent a princess?!?!